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Bold & Beautiful character’s descent into dependency seemed to happen overnight.

Actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is crushing her performances as Steffy spirals out of control on The Bold and the Beautiful due to a growing dependency on drugs. While her depiction of an addicted person is frighteningly realistic, unfortunately, the pacing of the storyline hasn’t felt realistic at all and viewers are speaking out…

When Steffy left the hospital, she was reluctant to even take the pain pills sent home with her. She appeared to be taking them as prescribed and convinced Finn to give her a refill only after a lot of debate. When those were gone, Vinny sent over a bottle with what looked to be half a dozen pills inside as he hated to hear that she was in pain.

Steffy was fine and glowing while flirting with Finn and debating whether or not to pursue a relationship under the circumstances – no irritability, no jumpy behavior – and after he left she took a pill and laid down. Boom! Suddenly, Liam’s at the door, she’s unresponsive and awakens to be completely out of it and in full-on raging addict mode. Not that we didn’t love to hear her go off on Liam, who deserves everything he gets, but it was pretty Jekyll and Hyde.

The next thing we know, Steffy’s twitching while telling her tale to Thomas and off to Brooke’s to take back her daughter. Within the same day, we had Steffy go from being able to act normal with Finn to a rough-talking unkempt maniac who pulls a knife on people. Do people suddenly start carrying switchblades when they become dependent on prescription drugs? Where did she even get that thing? Crazy!

By the next morning, everyone was rounded up and an intervention was taking place. It’s been a few weeks since she left the hospital, two prescriptions, and a few extras from Vinny, and instead of months of growing dependency and changed behavior, we’re quite literally at the intervention stage overnight – with Ridge saying she needs to go to rehab and Finn telling her she’s gone beyond dependency to full-blown addiction. That was fast!

Considering how much time was taken to tell the baby switch storyline, and the plot surrounding Thomas’ obsession, it’s odd that this one would be so rushed. We’ll leave you with these nuggets:

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