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The Emmy winners took a moment to respond to their fans’ responses.

As The Bold and the Beautiful brought Steffy’s drug addiction to a harrowing new peak with the September 25th episode — you can read the full recap here — viewers reacted in a big way. Cries of “Emmy! Emmy!” were heard around the Internet — metaphorically, anyway. Afterwards, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who plays the pill popper at the heart of the storyline, and Scott Clifton, aka her ex-husband and babydaddy Liam, signed on to offer their reactions.

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“Many thanks for all the kind words about today’s episode,” tweeted Clifton, a veteran of General Hospital (as Dillon) and One Life to Live (as Schuyler). “Opioid addiction touches so many lives that we know some of you may recognize yourself or a loved one in this story.

“We see you,” he added, “and appreciate you.”

During an impromptu Instagram Q&A session with her followers, Wood was asked how she’d prepared to tackle the daunting episode, in which a bedraggled Steffy demanded the return of daughter Kelly — and pulled a switchblade on her family to prove that she meant business. It was an “incredibly challenging day/week,” she wrote. “Researching addiction, emotional pain from the [Steffy/]Liam/Hope triangle, reopening old wounds.

“It was a heavy week, to say the least,” she continued. “But I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

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