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Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

OK, this is seriously “one”-derful.

On September 22, The Bold and the Beautiful leading man Darin Brooks (Wyatt) and wife Kelly Kruger (ex-Eva) posted his and hers birthday salutes to daughter Everleigh on the occasion of her first birthday. And to put it mildly, they took the cake!

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Kruger, who also played Mac on The Young and the Restless, called their little girl “my entire heart,” adding that “words cannot describe how much we love you and how much you bring to our lives every single day.”

It almost goes without saying, but the actress couldn’t resist saying it, anyway (and we don’t blame her a bit!): “You are the best thing to ever happen to us!” she exclaimed. “My little Moana princess.”

Kruger went on to reflect upon the revelations that have unfolded before her eyes since she and Brooks began their mom-and-pop operation. “This past year, I’ve learned more about myself than ever before,” she marveled. “Being a mother is the greatest gift and by far the best role I’ve ever had.
“Oh, and I made this cake,” she added. “Not the prettiest, but she’ll get her Moana cake this weekend.”

In turn, Brooks wished his “babygirl” a happy first birthday and assured Everleigh, “Next year, you’ll understand more about cake!” Something to look forward to, for sure! “Love you to the moon and back, kiddo!”

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Kruger admitted that the cake was “not the prettiest” — hey, we’d have dove face-first into it! — “but at least it’s healthy.”

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