Katie and Bill sad on Bold and Beautiful
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Bold and Beautiful’s Bill doesn’t deserve another chance with Katie.

On Monday’s Bold and Beautiful, Bill told Justin and Wyatt that Katie was right for him, more than any woman he’s been with, including Brooke. The same Brooke he was just trying to convince to jump back on her stallion and ride him into the future. Considering it’s not the first time Bill’s betrayed Katie with Brooke, it elicits zero rooting value for a reunion.

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To be fair, Bill did admit he knew he had to earn Katie’s trust back. So, he’s not totally self-unaware. He hightailed it over to see Katie and told her he missed her and admitted he ruined everything by kissing her sister. The apology was the very least he could do, so it didn’t do much to make viewers want to see Katie run into his arms.

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It’s not a new fan complaint. Bill keeps bouncing back and forth between great loves – Katie, Steffy, Brooke – making it hard to believe anything he says. There is no reason to want Bill to be forgiven, especially since Katie is a popular character fans want to see succeed. Her success doesn’t include getting back together with the man who can’t stay away from her sister. Bill and Katie were good together once. The bad boy and the good girl was soap opera gold in the beginning, but all these years and betrayals later, it might be time to put a nail in the Batie coffin and let Katie find a man worthy of her.

That said, we’ve come up with a few suggestions for Katie’s next love interest that is not $Bill Spencer. What do you think? Look through the photo gallery and tell us your thoughts below.

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