Justin's love interest option on Bold and Beautiful
Credit: Image: Jennifer Cooper; Jill Johnson, John Paschal/JPI

Justin deserves love too on Bold and Beautiful.

When Justin Barber recently popped back up on The Bold and the Beautiful to help heap praise on Liam Spencer for being a great dad, we couldn’t help but think he deserves better. Aaron D. Spears has been playing Bill’s right-hand man and fixer since 2009 but he rarely gets a storyline, let alone a love interest. We were not the only ones who thought this as a few Twitter users expressed the same feelings.

Aside from his love story with Donna Logan, which reunited him with his son Marcus Walton, and briefly playing uncle to Emma Barber who died, Justin has largely been a supporting player taking part in Bill’s schemes over the years. Spears has run the gamut onscreen playing up Justin’s humorous, charming, and devious sides. The actor also impressed as the villainous Commissioner Raines on Days of our Lives in 2017. Primetime watchers may have caught his softer side as Mark Bradley on BET’s Being Mary Jane. It’s way past time for Justin to combine all those aspects on Bold and Beautiful with a story of his own, even if that means his love scenes are with a mannequin.

While reuniting Justin with his ex-love Donna might be the first pairing to come to mind, we had a few more ideas as to who he could romance in the fictional Los Angeles. Those ideas include a couple of characters already on the canvas and one who has been hinted to return. We also float the idea of a couple of iconic soap opera actresses who could be cast in a new role.

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Take a look through our gallery of possible love interests for Justin and then tell us who you’d like to see him with. Get your free daily soap opera fix for The Bold and the Beautiful, and all other soaps delivered to your email inbox by signing up for Soaps.com’s newsletter.