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Credit: Image: Bravo

The actress’ second season of the Bravo reality series was also her last.

Well, that ended, ahem, real quick. Denise Richards (Shauna, The Bold and the Beautiful) will not be returning for a third season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a rep for the actress confirmed for our sister site, Variety.

No reason was given for her departure, but neither is one difficult to guess. In the reality show’s recently-wrapped 10th season, Richards was at the center of a major controversy: Former Housewife Brandi Glanville — aka the onetime Mrs. Eddie Cibrian (ex-Matt, The Young and the Restless) — accused her of saying that she and husband of two years Aaron Phypers had an open marriage, so it was fine and dandy if the co-stars hooked up. Then, Glanville alleged, Richards changed her tune and said that Phypers would kill her if their tryst were to be revealed.

In the end, tongues wagged, tempers flared, and viewers broke into three camps: those who support Richards, those who support Glanville and those who support Glanville but also wish she would shut the heck up about the one-night stand already!

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As for the Housewives, they seemed to turn against Richards, accusing her of trying to downplay her anything-goes sex life this season (whereas no topic had been off limits during her first go-round). They might have been onto something, too: At one point, Richards even recited the three magic words — “Bravo, Bravo, Bravo” — that are said to have been a cue to the producers not to air certain footage. (It didn’t work.)

In the finale, Housewife and soap alum Lisa Rinna (ex-Billie, Days of our Lives) confronted old friend Richards, in so doing suggesting that the actress had sent both Bravo and Glanville cease-and-desist orders. Yikes!

Ironically, it was just yesterday — September 9 — that Richards celebrated her second wedding anniversary with Phypers. “So blessed and grateful to have you as my soul mate, twin flame, partner in crime, confidant, best friend, lover, best daddy to Eloise and our menagerie of beautiful, furry misfits, best stepdad ever, most supportive of my career… ” she Instagrammed. “I couldn’t imagine going through this beautiful journey with anyone other than you.”

Sweet, right? Anyway, after all that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama, it must seem like a walk in the park for Richards to report to work at The Bold and the Beautiful. Although on screen, she’s certainly embroiled in enough drama for three people. Shauna, as you surely know, tricked Ridge right out of his marriage to Brooke and into one with her. The union is doomed, of course — these are just 10 of the reasons why! — but it’s a hoot watching Flo’s mom work her wiles on “the dressmaker,” thus thwarting “destiny,” however temporarily.

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