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Credit: Image: CBS

Neither the Hope/Liam/Steffy love triangle nor the infamous baby swap top the Emmy winner’s list.

In his decade as Liam on The Bold and the Beautiful, Scott Clifton has spent more time on the front burner than a well-done hamburger. So there’s no shortage of memorable storylines from which he could choose a favorite. Still, you might imagine that you know the ones toward which he would gravitate — the epic love triangle that’s turned his character, Hope and Steffy into a Ridge, Brooke and Taylor for a new generation, or the baby swap that boosted the CBS soap to the top spot in the ratings for the first time in its 32-year history.

You would, however, be wrong. “The No. 1 favorite storyline for me is, and I imagine always will be, the Adam and Eve storyline in the cabin with Quinn,” he tells Soap Opera Digest. “I’ve always had a soap-opera bucket list of wacky, crazy, soap-opera shenanigans that people get to do, and one of them was always to play a character who lost their memory.”

Ironically, the experience was for Clifton… unforgettable. It also afforded him a chance to get to know Rena Sofer (Quinn) a whole lot better — for months, they only worked with each other on that one set. “I grew to love [her], even though she and I are totally opposites — the way we prepare, the way that we learn our lines, the way that we approach scenes,” he says. “We may as well be from different planets in terms of of approach, and yet… it just clicked.”

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