Donna, Brooke, Katie B&B
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Bold and Beautiful’s silver fox may a lovely Logan in his future.

The writing is on the wall for the marriage of Quinn (Rena Sofer) and Eric Forrester (John McCook) once it’s revealed that Quinn went to ‘the dark side’ and masterminded a plan to help Shauna (Denise Richards) file a drunken Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) divorce papers and marry him in a slurring ceremony he doesn’t even remember in Vegas.

It’s certain to be the last straw for Eric where Quinn’s concerned, as he’s stood by her through a few concerning incidents at this point while becoming increasingly vocal about his disappointment in her. Add to the mix, Quinn’s smugness about pulling off the plan and her ultra-confident air surrounding being a Forrester wife and shopping on Rodeo Drive, and you’ve got a downfall (soap karma) just waiting to happen.

We all know Eric never stays single for long, in fact, he’s sometimes been seeing the next woman before the current one is out of his life. So who will follow in Quinn’s wicked footsteps? Our bet’s on one of the Logan sisters…
Eric, Katie, Brooke. Donna B&B

Eric recently opened up to his former wife, Donna (Jennifer Gareis) about his negative feelings for his wife, and the blonde was happy to lend a comforting ear and to chime in. Will Donna get her honeybear back? It’s a good possibility, but one can’t discount her sisters.

Eric’s long been a champion of Ridge’s marriage to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), but he’s also married her himself…twice, and they have kids together. Brooke seems pretty determined to get back with Ridge, but if he warms up to Shauna as his wife, Brooke could turn to Eric for solace and one thing may lead to another. This seems the least likely, but would be the most upsetting to Quinn, so there’s that.

Katie (Heather Tom) is also an option. The powers that be flirted with this idea before when Katie moved in next door and started spending time with Quinn’s silver fox, which upset her to no end. Katie’s definitively moved on from Billy, and upcoming spoilers indicate Katie and Eric share a similar take on a certain matter, which sounds a lot like bonding to us.

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