bold beautiful mashup
Credit: Images: Jill Johnson/JPI, XJ Johnson/JPI, Howard Wise/JPI

If opinions were wrestlers, yours would be world heavyweights — cowabunga, are they strong!

Regular readers of probably already know that we recently asked via our Facebook page who your most loved and hated current characters on The Bold and the Beautiful are. You probably also know that earlier this week, we revealed the good news, sharing the identities of the fictional folks you adore. Well, and one conniver that you don’t necessarily like but enjoy. (You can review that list here.)

Today… ah. Today, it’s time for the bad news, the list of characters that you would condemn to wear last season’s fashions if you could (as if that would ever happen on The Bold and the Beautiful). Now, to someone who finds themself on this Top 5, it might seem like an insult, but the way we look at it, it’s not — not really. Because earning a spot on the countdown means that the character in question has provoked a reaction. And isn’t that better than inspiring no particular feeling at all? (Take it from the characters who didn’t land a space on either list, yes, getting no reaction is the worst.)

To see which of The Bold and the Beautiful’s passion’s plaything should be working on their “You don’t like me… you really, really don’t like me” speeches, just click on the photo gallery below. Then, if you disagree with the results — of a poll of you and your peers, we might remind you — you can still head to the comments to register your complaint.