A change of heart. (Soaps.com)

B&B Breakdown for the week of October 19.

It’s no secret that I have loved the character of Bill since day one, but not only is he enjoyable to watch, he’s totally shaken up the canvas. It’s been so much fun to watch the dynamics of Forrester Creations change and for them to have a brand new problem to deal with.

I’ve also appreciated that FC’s money problems have been a plot point for most of the year, giving this story more credibility. They didn’t suddenly hit bottom so Bill could swoop in and take over. They’ve been struggling with sales, their buyers and their competition I think since Eric married Donna, so them selling off property and taking out loans hasn’t come out of the blue.

Even though I found her to be a bit condescending to Katie, I liked that Brooke rallied the troops and made them see that there was no other alternative. They could still find a way to be in control of their beloved company, while using Bill’s money and resources to get out of debt and benefit themselves. Someone in that group had to see it wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to them.

This storyline has also brought the character of Katie into her own. She had the heart transplant storyline and then the love triangle with Nick and Bridget, but this seems to really be her time to shine. I’m not sold on the idea that Katie should be CEO, but I’m loving her standing up to her sisters, the Forresters and even Bill at times.