Darin Brooks, Katrina Bowden "The Bold and the Beautiful" hw
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

At least that’s our working theory. And hey, it works for us!

The Bold and the Beautiful sweetheart Flo is breathing easy these days. After a “No, really, I’m dying!” charade that devolved into a kidnapping, romantic rival Sally has been banished to… whatever the heck exists off screen… and Wyatt, in her absence, is as devoted to his long-ago honey as a Golden Retriever is to that stick that they found on their last walk. But there’s trouble on the horizon — lovely, lovely trouble — and Flo has no idea. Who? What? Allow us to explain.

For safety reasons, The Bold and the Beautiful is occasionally using actors’ significant others as stand-ins for their co-stars during intimate scenes. (Better than the blowup dolls, no?) Certainly, the wife of Darin Brooks, who plays Wyatt, could do that: Kelly Kruger is an old pro who was the second and, if our math is correct, sixth Mac on The Young and the Restless.

Darin Brooks, Kelly Kruger bb jj

But read that last sentence back now: She played The Young and the Restless’ Mac. Twice. She’s good. So good that she was brought back to reprise her role. Not only that, but she has a history on The Bold and the Beautiful. Since 2015, she’s appeared now and again as Eva, a publicist for Forrester International. Wouldn’t it make sense for the PR whiz to transfer to the Los Angeles office, where she’s likelier to cross paths on the regular with Wyatt? (They’ve already hung out enough overseas to be able to say, “We’ll always have Paris!”)

It’s such an obvious way to go, we’re practically facepalming as we type this (expect that it’s super hard to type with one hand on your face). Eva moves to the West Coast, Wyatt befriends her anew — and then is a little too keen on making her a friend with benefits — and suddenly, Flo has on her hands an unbeatable opponent: A character played by an actress who can actually tape love scenes with their leading man!

What do you think? Would you like to see Kruger join The Bold and the Beautiful full-time to work opposite her real-life better half? Or have Wyatt and Flo been through so much that they deserve a damn minute of peace and happiness? While you hit the comments, you may enjoy distracting yourself with the below photo gallery, a collection of snaps of the stars of The Bold and the Beautiful and their off-screen significant others.