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Can this marriage be saved? Uh, no. No freaking way.

You already know our thoughts on the damage that’s been done to the character of The Bold and the Beautiful’s Shauna via her scheme to trap Ridge in a marriage. But does she know the harm that she’s doing to herself? We have a not-at-all-funny feeling that she doesn’t. With hearts dancing in her eyes and Quinn whispering in her ear, we have a hunch that Denise Richards’ on-screen alter ego has zero idea of the world of hurt on which she’s soon to touch down.

With that in mind, has decided to do the new Mrs. Forrester a favor and explain in no uncertain terms why Shauna’s marriage to Ridge is already doomed (as if the whole fake-texts thing hadn’t made it clear enough). We don’t mean to upset her, mind you. We love her… or at least we did. But these hard truths need to be spoken — or, in this case, typed, with pictures added for good measure.

So, why does Ridge and Shauna’s marriage stand less of a chance of succeeding than a snowball has of remaining, well, ball-like in the summertime in Los Angeles? The answers are all included in the photo gallery below. We’ve laid out the evidence as plainly — and as graphically — as we possibly can. So do yourself a solid, Shauna. Clickety-click on the link, save yourself a little heartache, salvage what shreds of dignity you have left and move the fudge on!