maya shocking news
Credit: Image: CBS screenshot

Romance and scandal could be in the cards for Maya Avant Forrester.

Karla Mosley last appeared in her CBS soap opera role in late 2019. Should Maya Avant return to Bold & Beautiful, as Mosley or a new actress, who should the character be paired up with? Last time we saw her, Maya returned from Paris with news she and Rick Forrester divorced. Since there is no word on Rick’s return, we started thinking about other romantic possibilities for the model, mother, and former Forrester.

Last time we saw her, Maya returned from Paris where she’d been living with Rick and their daughter Lizzie. However, she came back to Los Angeles solo with no explanation for the divorce, leaving fans a bit confused. The obvious choice for a romantic pairing would be with Rick which could give viewers insight into their problems and possibly launch into a reconciliation arc. Since that doesn’t seem to be the case, as of yet, Maya could have some fun with someone else considering she’s single.

A few options for her include one man she’s already been involved with, another she seemed to be growing close to (who is set to return), and a couple of others who would be brand new to her. There’s one more possibility we came up with who could get so far under Rick’s skin, it just might bring him back to fight for his lady love. Either way, these men could give Maya some fun and romance, and maybe even bring out her naughty side.

Who would you want to see Maya with? Take a look through our gallery of possible suitors for Maya during her potential return to The Bold and the Beautiful and then tell us below. Don’t forget to sign up for’s newsletter to stay up to date on the storyline developments.