bb first episode post shutdown shauna ridge kiss
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

Mannequins, wigs, all part of strict safety measures taken by CBS.

Denise Richards and Thorsten Kaye gave an exclusive look at the set of Bold and the Beautiful while taping recent scenes. A scene from this clip below is Richards acting alongside a dummy, which is a stand-in for Kaye, while a crew member stands about 12 feet away, offscreen.

Richards tells Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans, “We get tested two or three times a week for the COVID. We have to be eight feet apart from everyone.” Evans showed a clip of Shauna and Ridge getting married and when the groom went to kiss his bride, a little movie magic happened. Though it looks as though the couple is kissing, Richard’s real-life husband Aaron Phypers stepped in for the close-up.

Up next was Kaye, who joked that he was glad Phypers was in good shape. The camera angles were switched and shown was the actor dishing his own lines to a mannequin wearing a blonde wig. While Kaye acted against the dummy, Richards was repeating the lines she gave the dummy moments before, from a safe distance off-camera, while Kaye emoted.

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The life-size blow-up doll used for a hospital scene between Ridge and his daughter Steffy Forrester (Jaqueline MacInnes Wood) once played a corpse for her mother, Hunter Tylo (Dr. Taylor Hayes). It looks as what you’d expect and when you watch, you’ll likely crack a smile at Ridge leaning over to give ‘Steffy’ a kiss.

Video: Access Hollywood/YouTube

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