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Credit: Images: Howard Wise/JPI (2)

If we had our way, they’d freakin’ redefine “bad.”

The Bold and the Beautiful has on its canvas two utterly ruined characters: Thomas Forrester and Sally Spectra. If his overall Hopesession hadn’t already made him persona non grata, his willingness to stage a BS wedding to Zoe in a last-ditch effort to make his true “love” his bride had to have. Then there’s Sally, who played soon-to-be-dead and kidnapped romantic rival Flo in a feeble attempt to convince Wyatt that she was marriage material.

It didn’t work, not for either of them. So what should the show do with these two characters? Were it up to us — and, for some reason, it never is! — they’d be repositioned as The Bold and the Beautiful’s new power couple, a dastardly duo out to convince the world that two wrongs can absolutely get it right. Why not, eh?

For starters, they have a past. Before Sally pretended she had a terminal illness, Thomas had thought that the redhead was to die for. Never mind that his previous girlfriend, Caroline Spencer, had also lied that she had one stiletto in the grave; that just means that… um, maybe he has a type? And now Thomas and Sally have something else in common: They’ve both been hurt.

The dastardly duo should channel their anger and angst into sticking it to everyone who’s dissed and dismissed them by finally making Spectra Fashions a worthy competitor for Forrester Creations. Let Thomas and Sally put their design skills to use. Find out if Penny is as good at sketching dresses as she is at hatching plots. (Or, given how disastrously this one went, perhaps better!) And, along the way, bring in a top-secret investor: Bill, who you’ll recall was once willing to back Sally in business and hates Ridge as much as Ridge hates a frumpy frock.

It makes sense, no? Deliciously wicked sense, even. Make it happen, The Bold and the Beautiful. What do you think, fans? While you ponder the possibilities, maybe you’ll enjoy the below photo gallery of soapdom’s heaviest hitters, a slap-happy gallery of catfight enthusiasts that — but of course — includes The Bold and the Beautiful’s Stephanie and more.