Wyatt broaches moving with Sally Bold and Beautiful
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

The truth finally comes out.

In the Bold & Beautiful spoiler video for the week of July 27 – 31, Wyatt Spencer lashes out at Sally Spectra after learning the truth from Flo Fulton. He demands to know how she could manipulate everyone into believing she was dying. In tears, Sally explains she would have done anything to get him back and to get them back to where they were. Sally begs Wyatt to forgive her.

Before the hiatus, Wyatt had bounced between Flo and Sally. He left Flo when he learned about her part in Hope Logan’s baby swap, and returned to Sally. However, his feelings for Flo were too strong. He chose to forgive her, end things with Sally, and reunite with Flo. Enraged, Sally put a plan into play with the help of Dr. Penny Escobar. With pale make-up and faked fainting spells, along with a fake diagnosis from Dr. Escobar, she managed to convince Katie Logan that she was dying and had a month left to live. However, she promised Katie to secrecy, claiming she didn’t want Wyatt’s pity. Katie was unable to keep the secret long, and when Flo and Wyatt learned Sally was supposedly dying, they decided to try and make her last few weeks memorable. Wyatt moved Sally in with him, but Flo began to become suspicious and uncovered the truth of Sally’s scheme. When she confronted the two of them, Dr. Escobar clobbered her with a candlestick and she and Sally chained her to a radiator. In a last-ditch effort to hold on to Wyatt, Sally planned to seduce him and become pregnant, but her plan was foiled when Wyatt found a secret message from Flo and was able to rescue her.

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