Flo hugs Wyatt B&B

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Could you spot the difference?

Bold is back! This was the first week of episodes post-shutdown. After all the speculation about how Bold and Beautiful would handle love scenes in our new socially distanced reality, they aired their first kiss and hand-holding scenes in Friday’s episode when Wyatt rescued Flo from Sally and Penny’s captivity. Here are some thoughts…

There were a lot of close-ups of Wyatt and Flo’s faces and hands, a sideburn Darin Brooks (Wyatt) doesn’t have (which executive producer Brad Bell teased in an interview) and maybe some extra stubble, but if you didn’t know Katrina Bowden (Flo Fulton) was kissing husband Ben Jorgensen and not Brooks, would you have known? I’m guessing not. I was looking for the differences, so I saw them. But if I wasn’t looking, it probably would have washed right over me.

Using the actors’ significant others is a great solution to socially distant love scenes. What other option is there? I can’t imagine blow-up dolls will cut it. I’m actually impressed with how they cut the scenes, making it look as if Brooks and Bowden were in the same room standing closer than six feet from each other.

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Even the shots of the actors standing so far apart from each other aren’t terrible. Soap viewers aren’t used to the distance, since everything is about the closeup, but I will take the slight awkwardness of people having conversations while standing across the room from each other, thereby keeping the actors safe, over not having soap operas on at all.

What’s your first impression? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts below. And then look through the gallery of the Bold and the Beautiful casts’ spouses to see who might be standing in for your favorite character’s love interest.

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