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A relaxing date…

We’re back with part 3 of the fan fiction story starring Steffy Forrester. To read previous entries, check our fan fiction section which is filled with the other two exciting stories, and stories from all the four soaps.

Steffy ‘s eye gazed lovingly at Kelly and Bran playing ball on a grassy spot in the park. She was surprised when Ben arrived for their “date” with his mini-me 7-year-old son, Bran. Steffy was hooked instantly after Bran offered a toothless grin.

“Steffy, can you please accept my humble apologies? Our initial encounter wasn’t very gallant of me. Human Trafficking is a dangerous business. Grit is a necessity to survive our upcoming journey. I wanted to check if you were ready for this overwhelming emotional roller coaster. Forgive me,” Ben explained gravely.

Steffy held his steady gaze for a moment,” I’ve been through several disappointments, heartaches, and devasting pain. I can handle this. Why didn’t Thomas get a rundown,” Steffy asked.

“Thomas is a survivor, almost a master manipulator except he wants acceptance and a fairy tale from the ’50s,” Ben reasoned. “I wanted a white picket fence with 2.5 kids. Until, Skylark, my wife, died in childbirth. She was a healthy 30-year-old, and a blood clot traveled to her lungs. Do you know how many women we lose in childbirth in the 21st century in the United States?

“Not off the top of my head,” Steffy admitted, reaching for her phone.

“The United States ranks ten when compared to nine other countries such as Germany, Australia, and the UK. I changed my life. I retired from our security company, and opened my Surf Shack,” Ben said.

“You’re retired,” Steffy questioned curiously.

“Special cases only… kidnapping and human trafficking. We shouldn’t sell humans,” Ben huffed.

Steffy’ s reflective eyes scanned over Ben’s handsome face, sparkling blues. She noticed a keen intelligence and moral fiber hidden behind his playful façade.

“Do I have ice cream on my face?” Ben joked.

“I trust you to find my sister,” Steffy admitted.

“I will bring her home. I bet she wants her sister to finish her ice cream. You don’t always have to be on mom alert. Eat your ice cream. I’m on baby patrol.”

“I can’t stop watching Kelly,” Steffy protested.

“I’m going to watch her. Kelly needs giggle time. Just eat your ice cream. Let me help, single parent to single parent.”

Ben didn’t wait for Steffy to protest. He rose quickly from his spot on their blanket, rushing over he scooped Kelly in his arms. Her giggles soothed Steffy’ s battered soul. Bran jumped on his father’s leg. Spooning a bit of vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, Steffy watched in glee as sweetness coated her tongue. This is nice she thought.

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