Bill Is Steffy's Babydaddy
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI Studios

Viewers predicted this possible twist two years ago!

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful rejoiced when it was announced that Tanner Novlan — the husband of Caitlin’s former portrayer, Kayla Ewell, and the “bad actor” from the Liberty Mutual commercial — had been hired to play Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan. Sure, they were thrilled to see another sexy guy added to the canvas. But they were even more stoked to hear that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s single mom would finally be getting some lovin’… and, for a change, from someone other than eternal waffler Liam.

Trouble is, there’s a time bomb ticking that could blow up Steffy’s new relationship before it’s even officially begun. Like our heroine, the explosive twist could catch a lot of fans off guard… but not those who have spent the past two-plus years insisting that Bill, not Liam, is little Kelly Rose’s biological dad!

You’ll recall that Steffy (over)reacted to hubby Liam sharing a kiss with Sally by sleeping with his dad, Bill. She then compounded that mistake by walking around with the secret-revealing paternity test tucked in her purse. The scenes which unfolded after Liam found that damning document and walked out on his then-wife haunt Steffy fans — who hated seeing the beauty on her knees, begging forgiveness — to this day.

Ironically, those same scenes further convinced longtime Bill/Steffy shippers that Liam wasn’t worthy of the ground he’d made her grovel on and she should, in fact, be with his pop. What better way to unite them forever than by revealing that the paternity test had been wrong, or even tampered with?

“But wait,” you say. “Who would mess with the test results?” To which we reply, “Isn’t it obvious? Dollar Bill himself!” Seem like a stretch? Perhaps, but you’ll recall that the mogul just happened to be at the hospital the day Steffy went to have her “secret” paternity test. It’s not tough to imagine the gazillionaire overhearing a conversation and buying the test result which would assuage his guilty conscience and assure Liam’s happiness.

What better time to reveal such a huge secret than just as Steffy seems poised to move on with Finn? Maybe it’s not a coincidence that the handsome new guy in her life works at the very hospital where those paternity tests were run. What if, while perusing his patient’s medical records, he stumbled upon something in her bloodwork that didn’t quite add up?

Should this scenario play out, Steffy and Finn would immediately find themselves at the kind of crossroads that aren’t usually reached by characters on The Bold and the Beautiful until they’ve ping-ponged between spouses for a while. (Yeah, lookin’ at you, Ridge. And Eric. And Liam… )

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