Logan women Bold and Beautiful

Image: Howard Wise/JPI

The Logans’ influence on the Forresters, fashion, and family.

The Forresters might be the first family of The Bold and the Beautiful, but the Logans have had just as big of an impact. Since the soap opera’s inception in 1987, the family, introduced as caterers to a Forrester family party, has become formidable in their own right. Most of them have even been involved with the Forresters, either personally or professionally.

From the “slut from the valley,” as her nemesis Stephanie Forrester liked to call her, to wife, mother, and businesswoman, Brooke Logan is her family tree’s true head. She might have parents who were involved with the Forresters before her, but Brooke has been the Logans’ driving force. Giving birth to the next generation of Logans, as well as Forresters, Brooke often battled her sisters and even daughters for the attentions of a man.

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Brooke’s sisters, Katie and Donna, also furthered their bloodline with a Spencer and a Walton, respectively, while their brother, Storm, made his own shocking contribution. As for the next generation of Logans, Brooke and Donna’s children have entered into love triangles, business dealings, and families of their own, while Katie’s son is still a bit too young. With Bill Spencer’s and Katie Logan’s genes, though, we have high hopes for him.

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