the-bold-and-beautiful-rick maya divorce reason explained
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Zende could be the key to solving the mystery!

When The Bold and the Beautiful brought Maya back from overseas without better half Rick, viewers naturally expected to find out why Lizzy’s parents had divorced. So they waited. And waited. And waited. And… yup, we’re still waiting.

But that could change — and fast — when the show reintroduces the character of Zende, with Delon de Metz (late of NBC’s Zoo) taking over the role vacated by Rome Flynn (whose latest single, “Keep Me in Mind,” dropped in late April). You’ll recall that, when Tony and Kristen’s son was last on the canvas with Maya, they were starting to get pretty close; he was particularly understanding of the challenges that his wife’s sister faced as a transgender woman.

So it’s conceivable — maybe even likely? — that while the in-laws were away, something transpired between them that took their relationship in a, um, new, shall we say… more intimate direction. Having found out about the liaison, Rick might have discarded his wife like she was last year’s fashions. Nicole, too, might have given her straying spouse his walking papers. (That, we may not find out until Zende is back in Los Angeles.)

What do you think? Could an illicit tryst between Maya and Zende have doomed their marriages? Could it lead to something more when he returns? While you ponder the possibilities, why not peruse the below photo gallery of some happier couples — the stars of The Bold and the Beautiful with their real-life partners.