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A love interest for Steffy Forrester?

We’re back with part 3 of Thomas Forrester filling his sister Steffy in that their thought-to-be-dead sister, Pheobe, is actually alive. In our second fan fiction installment, Thomas had proof for Steffy, who was rocked to her core. This time, on the heels of learning details on Jacqueline MacInnes Wood getting a new love interest on Bold and the Beautiful, writer, Nicole Fox, spins how things could go down with a new romance while continuing the story of Phoebe’s return.

“What’s your favorite food, Stephanie? What time will you be ready,” he asked smoothly, merriment glinting in his blue eyes.

Steffy was floored by his gall. Vinnie’s friend of a friend owned a Surfing business called the Surf Shack in Malibu. Thomas convinced Steffy to pack up Douglas and Kelly for a family day at the beach. Steffy sucked in a ragged breath. “Why am I going out with you?” she questioned incredulously. A laugh rumbled around in tanned, washed board abs before he offered a charming grin, full of perfect teeth.
“Well, Stephanie, I have to have a reason for hanging around your life. You came to the beach to surf and play with your family. I rented you a surfboard. You’re unable to resist my charms. After I retrieve your sister, and I will bring her home. You need a reason to spend time at my home. Phoebe will stay at my house as a safe home, for her protection. Her captor will have your homes and business under heavy surveillance. It’s purely business, Stephanie,” he drawled smoothly.

Steffy cast annoyed eyes at Thomas. Thomas leaned against a bright surfboard completely stunned. “Please don’t teach my Rasputin brother any shady tips, Man.”

“I don’t know your name. Should I call you Vinnie’s friend of a friend? I’m Steffy, not Stephanie.”

“Benjamin Sloane, you can call me Ben,” he replied. “You’re wrong. Do you know the meaning of your name? Stephanie means crown. You’re a regal queen destined to lead. Aren’t you a CEO? You’re here as a leader to retrieve your sister, and restore your family. What time should I pick you up? We can do a family date with Kelly. I love kids. Something simple. A walk in the park with ice cream?”

“Tomorrow at 11. Kelly takes a nap at 2,” Steffy answered.

“We’ll look amazing together. My blond coloring paired with your sable locks. All eyes on us. Unless you don’t like blonds,” Ben asked earnestly.

“She prefers wishy washy spineless Blonds,” Thomas muttered under a cough. He froze like a statue when Steffy’ s eyes spoke volumes to tell him to button his lips after her furious blue eyes swept over him.
“Do you need my address, Ben?”

“I have it. You knew I had it. Just a little test? I checked you out, all of you. Quite a narrative. I don’t like human trafficking. I’ll bring her home. Trust me. You will trust me because I am going to earn your trust. It’s almost 1. You should start heading back to town. Kelly might fall asleep in the car,” Ben said softly.

Steffy ignored a bunch of butterflies gliding around her stomach. This isn’t real. He’s here to save Phoebe. “I will see you in the morning, Ben.” Steffy hurried out of the Surf Shack with Thomas hot on her heels.

“Mom and Dad fell in love at the beach,” Thomas joked. “He’s an Alpha man.”

Steffy paused in mid stride causing Thomas to run into her back. She elbowed Thomas in his ribs,”Not another word.”

“It’s usually the Logans who cause me bodily damaged. I’m going to have to explain this to my counselor.”

Over her shoulder, Steffy glanced at her brother, “You’re getting help?”

Thomas smiled broadly, “A new day dawns for us. If you marry Surf Dude and have a kid, you should name her Dawn. A dawn on a new age of Forrester!”

Let us know what you think about this story and about Thomas getting counseling – a nice bonus – and take a look at this gallery for gorgeous photos of Steffy Forrester through the years.

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