Jacqueline MacInnes Wood B&B
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

Bold and Beautiful character will have quite a few men after her.

Bold and Beautiful headwriter and executive producer, Brad Bell, has been speaking out about the soap opera’s return to filming following the production stoppage and revealed there is big story coming up for Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who plays Steffy Forrester. He told TV Insider, “I’m thrilled to say that this next chapter will be very much about Steffy.” Bell said of the character, “She’s spectacular and unique,” and confirmed there is a new man coming in her life, but added, “She’ll have a period of time where, in fact, quite a few men will be after her – as they should be.” This will come as excellent news to those who became tired of watching the dynamic character do little more than fold laundry.

While there’s no word yet on who will be cast as Steffy’s leading man, we know that actors’ significant others were requested to stand in for co-stars during intimate scenes, so Wood’s husband, Ethan Ruspoli, could be called upon. In a recent appearance on The Talk, Denise Richards confirmed her husband Aaron Phypers would be substituting for Thorsten Kaye in love scenes between Shauna and Ridge.

In our recent poll, viewers indicated they want Steffy with someone new, so the new chapter should be well received. We also know that Wood shared scenes with Don Diamont on the first day back on set at Bold and Beautiful, so Bill Spencer could be one of the men pursuing Steffy.

As for whether they’re dialing back on intimate scenes while grappling with the safety restrictions imposed by the global viral situation, Bell relayed, “We’re really trying to highlight at this time family and intimacy, love and connection at a time when the world is disconnected through social-distancing.”

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