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Don Diamont’s next leading lady may be one with whom we know he has killer chemistry!

Could The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katie soon have yet another blonde bombshell to contend with besides Brooke? As a matter of fact, she could: Cindy Ambuehl, the wife of Don Diamont, who plays Dollar Bill.

Follow along now. In June, executive producer/headwriter Bradley Bell revealed that, among the safety precautions the show was implementing upon resumption of production, cast members’ real-life partners would sometimes be used as stand-ins for their leading men/ladies during intimate scenes. That would bring back to the set Ambuehl, an actress in her own right. (Viewers will recall that just a few years ago, the real-life realtor passed through the soap as — irony alert — a real-estate agent showing Katie the house next door to Eric’s.)


Image: Alex Parker/JPI

Credit: Image: Alex Parker/JPI

If The Bold and the Beautiful wanted to go a step further than making Ambuehl a body double for Heather Tom (Katie) and/or Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), a new character could be created, one that would catch Bill’s eye — and then some, no doubt. Bell could then script all the love scenes that he wanted for the new couple — there’s no need for the off-screen marrieds to social-distance when they’re going home together every night.

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