Forrester Family portrait B&B
Credit: John Paschal/JPI

Sex and business can often have deadly consequences.

Almost everything that’s ever happened on Bold and Beautiful has revolved around the Forrester family. Eric (John McCook) and Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) were the principal forces behind international fashion powerhouse Forrester Creations. Her father provided the seed money for their empire and his designs forged its identity. Their Los Angeles offices, beach houses, and mansions have provided the background for most of the intrigue on the soap opera since it started airing in 1987.

More than in any other soap, Eric and Stephanie have been intimately, some would say far too intimately, entwined in the lives of subsequent generations of their family. Each generation has been set against the other to take control of the family empire. This has gone well beyond battles on the runway and against business rivals. It has included as much rivalry between the sheets as partners have been shared in ways that have never failed to cause friction and anxiety.

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For the decades until her death, Stephanie, with the resources of an almost inhuman energy, tried to manage the lives of her children and keep them from taking the family down, largely through their questionable romantic choices. Eric himself has often been the source of much of this chaos. He and Ridge, long thought to be his son but actually the offspring of one of Stephanie’s early romances, would set the standard pattern for romantic rivalry in the family.

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