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Bold and Beautiful characters have unfinished business.

Jacob Young (Rick Forrester) took to his Instagram to repost a gorgeous photo of him and Karla Mosley (Maya Avant), taken while filming on location for Bold and Beautiful in Monte Carlo, and captioned it, “Thank you to the very talented photographer and friend @denisguignebourgphotography for posting this beautiful picture of the stunning @karlamose and me with the skyline of Monte Carlo as a backdrop! Such a lovely memory. Thank you!” Mosley jumped into the comments and replied, “Awwww!!!! I don’t remember this shot, but I sure do remember this day and this trip!!” The two then proceeded to joke about her being taller than him. The back-and-forth had Young’s followers pleading with the two to return to the CBS soap opera now that Bold and Beautiful has resumed production, and letting them know how much they were missed.

Young also shared a post alluding to news he’d soon be revealing, which had us hoping against hope he would return to Bold and Beautiful. He teased, “Infinite horizons belong to those who have infinite imaginations! This is never more true than in the extremely exciting and competitive industry of TV and Film. More on this next week.”

Given that Rick and Maya’s love story ended abruptly, with Maya returning from overseas with their daughter, leaving Rick behind in Paris, and announcing a sudden divorce that didn’t make a lot of sense, there are many viewers who would love to see Young and Mosley reprise their roles to revisit the storyline…for proper closure if nothing else. That said, ideally the powers that be would address the break-up then have them stay on. With Maya’s transgender storyline having been so ground-breaking for the soap genre, and the character so beloved to fans, it’s surprising she’s not on canvas. She and the entire Avant family are missed. As for Rick, a member of the Forrester and Logan families, the possibilities for stories are endless. It’s always rankled that he wasn’t brought back when Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) was front-burner and obsessing as they share such a contentious history.

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