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The soap’s return will shine a light on all of daytime!

Now that The Bold and the Beautiful is resuming production, we can begin the countdown to when its next new episode will finally air. And while the fact that things soon will be back to normal for daytime is great news, that first episode should be anything but business as usual. After all, it’s a given that a whole lot of people will be tuning in to see what a soap looks like in the age of social-distancing — including lapsed and new viewers — and media types who’ll be generating a slew of publicity for the sudser. So B&B needs to put on a heck of a show!

Daytime is built on the concept of getting people to “tune in tomorrow,” so it’s important that B&B not waste this opportunity to do exactly that. And what better way than by breaking a few of its own rules? Ditch the repetitive, exposition-laden dialogue which can sometimes bog down soaps in general, and this one in particular, in favor of a 60-second “Previously on… ” opener which will both refresh the memory of viewers who haven’t seen their favorite show in a while and serve as an introduction for newbies.

Once that bit of housekeeping is out of the way, dive right into the action with an episode which will have those who watch talking (and tweeting and Facebooking) and those who don’t, regretting their decision. Heck, the show can even pick up pretty much where it left off by starting with a scene in which Shauna flashes back to her wild night in Vegas with Ridge, this time revealing that it ended (as some fans already suspect) with them tying the knot!

Another storyline that would generate some buzz among not only fans but media observers? At long last bringing Maya back onto the scene and perhaps revealing the (no doubt) shocking reason she and Rick divorced! What better time to put the show’s transgender character — one of only two on all of daytime, along with General Hospital‘s woefully underused Terry  — on the front burner? If ever a show could use a bit of diversification, it’s B&B, which takes place in the straightest, whitest corner of a fashion industry which is anything but. And could any character be more relevant in today’s politically-charged climate?

This would also be a fantastic time to reveal that Sheila, one of the greatest soap villains of all time, has been doing more than just waiting tables at Il Giardino. What if instead of receiving tips from favorite customer Thomas, she’s been offering the Forrester black sheep a few of her own, lifted directly from her well-worn copy of Revenge: 101 Ways to Serve It at Any Temperature. With her rather specialized skill set and his deep pockets, imagine the trouble these two could cook up!

Ultimately, what matters is that the soap will soon be back on the airwaves and, with any luck, will be followed in rapid succession by GH and The Young and the Restless. But with so many eyes sure to be focused on B&B’s return, this is an opportunity too good to pass up!

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