Steffy confronts Flo on Bold and the Beautiful
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Thomas is shaken up by something he saw and can’t make sense of.

This fan fiction story shows us an interesting twist on what could happen on Bold and Beautiful. 

Sharp banging on her front door dragged Steffy’ s mind away from critically assessing Thomas’ latest designs. Her brother’s diabolical personality played well in his designs, modern with bold color choices. She couldn’t deny his talent. He needed more work to keep him out of trouble.

“If they wake Kelly, they are taking her with them,” Steffy muttered under her breath. Kelly refused to understand the concept of naps lately. She’s much too young to have outgrown them, right? The banging didn’t end. Steffy had planned a quiet day alone with her daughter without family drama, work issues, and every other distraction known to man. No Brooke. No Hope. No Liam. No Logans. No Bill.

Annoyed, Steffy stomped over to the front door, a quick fling revealed a disheveled Thomas, leaning in her doorway.

“Can I come in, Steffy,” Thomas asked breathlessly. “I need to tell you something.”

Steffy rolled her eyes in disbelief, “I am not interested in Hope and Liam. Did you pick up Douglas yet?”

“He’s with dad. Remember, my dinner meeting with a silk merchant. His plane stopped over in Los Angeles to refuel before returning to Turkey. He wanted to arrange a collaboration. I saw another passenger walking to a private jet,” Thomas rambled.

Thomas’s frantic pace concerned Steffy. Thomas developed a Jekyll and Hyde persona over the last few months. She didn’t know what version of her brother arrived on her doorstep today. Abruptly, he stopped pacing to drop down on her couch, causing a dull thud to float around her living room. Silent tears slipping from his eyes. Sisterly devotion pushed away any negative thoughts, and overperforming needs drove her to comfort her brother. Sliding beside him on the couch, she grabbed his icy cold hand, “Thomas, what have you done?”

Thomas offered his sister a weary look, “Nothing! I saw her. She’s supposed to be dead. She died. We mourned her. Her death destroyed everything, Steffy. Or maybe, she’s haunting me for my misdeeds. I saw her. I heard her voice. She looked scared.”

He’s finally lost his mind. Mom needs to come home. Thomas needs his mother.

“What are you saying, Thomas,” Steffy questioned gently.

“Stephanie, you’re not listening. Listen to me!”

Stephanie? Wait nobody calls me Stephanie every Steffy she pondered, concern pulsing through her body. He needs to focus. He’s not making any sense.

“Thomas, who is she,” Stephanie implored, staring deeply into his eyes.

“I saw our sister, Phoebe. Phoebe is alive.”

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