Rena Sofer cuts B&B
Credit: Image: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Bold and Beautiful actress has been trying new things in quarantine.

Bold and Beautiful’s Rena Sofer, who plays Quinn Forrester, had taken to developing her woodworking skills while on quarantine until a couple of painful mishaps halted her plans. Along with photos of her work, Sofer updated followers that she, along with husband Sanford Bookstaver, had been “keeping busy teaching myself to carve spoons and knives with the help of many master woodworker friends on Instagram,” and gave a shout-out to sculptor Benoit Averly for his great advice. The actress looks to be pretty talented at her new skill given the results, but it turns out woodworking is not without its risks…specifically painful cuts.

The Bold and Beautiful star revealed photos of her bandaged hands and lamented, “Well. What to do when you cut yourself so badly you can’t do #woodworking or #ceramics for the next I don’t know how long!!! Oy. This sucks.” To which woodworking craftsman, Maximilian Neukäufler, replied, “It happens. Even after years doing it professionally!” That should make Sofer feel better. He also passed along advice about the need to keep knives sharp because blunt blades can be dangerous.

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Sofer’s Bold and Beautiful castmate and onscreen husband, John McCook (Eric Forrester) popped into the comments to joke and commiserate, and said, “Noooo!!!.. (So now I’LL run my fingers through YOUR hair..) Sorry, Rena, that hurts, I know.” She confirmed, “It hurts so much. Not as much when it happened. But the throbbing after is awful.” Former Hope Logan, Kim Matula, also remarked on the injuries and posted, “Noooo!! Talk about oy vey.”

Sofer moved on to playing Go, a strategy board game developed in China over 250 years ago and thought to be the oldest board game continuously played until the present time, and was seeking tips on seasoned players who know the rules. So cool to see her using quarantine time to try new things!

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