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Bold and Beautiful character doesn’t need a man, but what if she wants one?

If Bold and Beautiful returns to production soon many are hoping that Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) non-existent love life will finally be addressed. But who would she date and what kind of man is right for her? A romantic professional or a sexy blue-collar type would probably be equally in the running – as long as they’re strong, confident, and focused solely on Steffy. There are several options from her past, but perhaps it’s time she set her sights on someone she’s never dated before. After taking a look at the options, cast your vote to help find her next man. If you’ll only accept her with Liam (Scott Clifton), you can indicate that in the poll as well.

Oliver Jones

Steffy and Oliver (Zach Conroy) shared an attraction in the past, but his connection to Aly Forrester (Ashlyn Pearce), who died after Steffy hit her with a crowbar in self-defense, might prove to be too big an obstacle to these two rekindling a flame. Then again, it’s a soap opera, so Oliver could return professing that he always loved Steffy, and it would be on. Status: Presumably single and still on an extended leave of absence from Forrester Creations.oliver jones for Steffy pairing B&B

Rick Forrester

Steffy and Rick (last played by Jacob Young) had sexual chemistry, but their past is as messy as it gets given he also romanced her twin sister, Phoebe (Mackenzie Mauzy) and her mother, Taylor (Hunter Tylo). Their future wouldn’t necessarily be drama-free either as his return from overseas would put him back in the orbit of his former love and the mother of his child, Maya Avant (Karla Mosley), but he’s still an option. Status: Divorced.rick paired with steffy B&B

Bill Spencer

Bill (Don Diamont) definitely checks the boxes for professional, strong, sexy, and confident. He adores Steffy and their chemistry is proven. That said, their history might be a stumbling block and the fact that he’s been her father-in-law by both of his sons isn’t ideal. Status: It’s complicated.bill for steffy B&B

Wyatt Spencer

Wyatt (Darin Brooks) had it bad for Steffy when they got married, and they were fun together, given they shared a lot of interests. His current circumstances almost eliminate him from the running, but it’s Bold and Beautiful, so he can’t be ruled out. Status: It’s very complicated.Wyatt concerned at Spencer Publications Bold and Beautiful


Dashing Forrester buyer, Leo (Sam Myerson), turned Steffy’s head in the past, but she was still too attached to Liam to appreciate all his, ahem, assets. Maybe it’s time to call him up. Status: Unknown.


Collin (Oli Green), the professional cutie with the sexy British accent also took an interest in Steffy while visiting the Forrester Creations office. She turned down his request for a date, but maybe she’d like to reconsider. Status: Unknown.

Carter Walton

Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) has worked alongside Steffy and her family members for years, but the two have never dated. As the family’s go-to attorney, he’s clearly more than just a pretty face and an amazing physique, and they could potentially make a great couple if the timing was right. Status: Interested in Zoey Buckingham.carter for steffy B&B

Vinny Walker

Vinny probably doesn’t stand a chance with Steffy as a sweatpants-wearing drug dealer, but there’s no doubt this hottie could use his Forrester family connections to move up in the world and their chemistry could be off-the-charts. Status: Has a girlfriend.vinny thomas' friend on bold and beautiful

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Eric Sharpe

Imagine Deacon Sharpe’s (Sean Kanan) son coming to town as a smoking hot schemer with a heart and getting involved with Steffy. He’d be Hope’s half-brother too, so that’s a twist. Status: Unknown.

Someone new

It might be time for someone completely new to show up in Los Angeles and sweep Steffy off her feet.

Vote to let us know who you’d choose for Steffy, then visit Bold and Beautiful spoilers to find out which classic episodes are coming up on Villains’ Week.

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