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Which Bold & Beautiful characters would you choose to spend extended time with?

With the news that Bold and Beautiful could return to production soon it got us to thinking about the ongoing lockdown and wondering what it would be like to quarantine with the fictional characters from the soap opera. Of these current locations on the show, where would you choose to stay?

Brooke’s house

There would be plenty of room here with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) just rattling around there by herself now that she’s on the outs with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) over her kiss with Bill (Don Diamont). There’s a gorgeous fountain feature out back to sit by and daydream about being reunited with your love, and you might even spot Hope (Annika Noelle) and Liam (Scott Clifton) out walking with Douglas (Henry Samiri) and Beth if you wander the property. Be forewarned, there may be a lot of conversations surrounding ‘destiny’ and trash-talking Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards).

Hope and Liam’s cabin

How cozy would it be to curl up on the sofa with a good book and a cup of tea in the idyllic cabin and take long walks on the grounds picking flowers? You could wile away time in Hope’s rocking chair or take long naps, but beware, it may be a tad crowded what with Hope, Liam, Douglas, and Beth all living there as well.
Liam, Hope, Beth cabin B&B

Katie’s place

Staying with Katie (Heather Tom) and Will (Finnegan George) might actually be pretty nice…unless she takes to crying over Bill. Katie would almost certainly be a great hostess, and Will’s a sweetie, just don’t challenge him to a game of poker. On the upside, one could definitely learn a lot about stocks and bonds from the kid, who’s been well-schooled by his father, Dollar Bill.

The Forrester mansion

There seems to be an endless number of bedrooms upstairs, so accommodations shouldn’t be a problem. Drinking martinis with Eric (John McCook) would certainly be a perk, but you’d want to be sure to stay on Quinn’s (Rena Sofer) good side. Another bonus is you can hang by the swimming pool…you might even catch a glimpse of Ridge, who’s living in the Forrester guesthouse while torn between Brooke and Shauna.
Eric, Quinn, martini time B&B

Vinny’s apartment

Vinny’s (Joe LoCicero) girlfriend has her own place, so it would just be you and him… unless Thomas is holed up there by now. The entertainment includes watching Vinny work out and streaming tough-guy movies. Food will probably involve a lot of takeout deliveries and trips to the corner store for grub (wearing a face covering of course). Bonus: If you have trouble sleeping, Vinny probably has something you can take for that.

Wyatt’s beach house

Considering it’s unclear what Wyatt walked in on the last time we saw the beach house, we really can’t recommend staying here. You could very well be spending months watching Sally (Courtney Hope) pretend she’s still dying, or trapped in a love triangle if Flo came to with amnesia and forgot Sally lied. In pluses, you could take a lot of walks on the beach, and if Penny’s (Monica Ruiz) still around, there’s a doctor in the house.

Flo’s apartment

It looks comfortable enough, though not as fancy as some of the other digs. Presumably, you’d have the place to yourself, since Florence (Katrina Bowden) was, ahem, indisposed the last time we saw her.

The cliffhouse

Hanging with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in Malibu could be fun. After all, it’s right on the beach for surfing and swimming. That said, you’d probably have to sleep on the sofa and you might get pressed into watching Kelly while Steffy works from home.
Steffy cliffhouse B&B

Spencer Publications

You know Bill didn’t stop working and is living in that hidden room behind his office. Justin could very well be there too. Bill would probably put you to work helping get the latest edition of Eye on Style out. At least he’s bound to have a great stash of expensive scotch whiskey.

Shauna’s house in Vegas

This isn’t in Los Angeles, but is the preferred option if you’re into margaritas, facials, girl talk, and chick flicks to pass the time. When things do open back up, you’ll be close to the Vegas strip for a neon-filled celebratory night on the town.

Vote in the poll to let us know where you would choose to spend your time, then visit Bold and Beautiful spoilers to see which classic episodes are coming up with your faves.

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