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Bold and Beautiful matriarch had a mean streak.

With a Bold and Beautiful classic episode featuring Stephanie reminiscing at Big Bear airing this week, it was only fitting that we take a stroll down memory lane and recall some of the nastiest things Stephanie (Susan Flannery) did when she went all ‘Mama Bear’. She slapped Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) no less than six times and referred to her as the “slut from the valley,” on a regular basis while trying to keep her apart from her son Ridge Forrester, but Stephanie also went much further than that…

1. Oh baby

Stephanie forced a teenage Morgan DeWitt to abort her son Ridge’s baby when she found out the young model was pregnant by him. When Morgan (Sarah Buxton) returned many years later and schemed to get pregnant by Ridge (then Ronn Moss) again, Stephanie spiked her tea with a drug that could have caused a miscarriage. Morgan later lost the baby after falling down the stairs while arguing with Taylor.

2. Hands off

When Brooke got involved with Stephanie’s other son, Thorne (then Winsor Harmon), Stephanie physically attacked her at Big Bear. Stephanie later suffered a stroke over the matter and Thorne was forced to sneak around with Brooke while pretending to have resumed his relationship with Macy (Bobbie Eakes) to keep his mother at bay.
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3. You’re hired

When Stephanie decided that her daughter, Kristen Forrester (then Teri Ann Linn) was too attached to her father, Eric (John McCook) and must be frigid, she paid notorious womanizer Clarke Garrison (Daniel McVicar) to date her. Kristen wound up married to the guy, who cheated on her with another woman, who gave birth to his child.

4. Faking it

In one of her schemes to keep Brooke and Ridge apart and reunite him with Taylor, Stephanie paid off a doctor and faked a heart attack to coerce her son into remarrying Taylor. Brooke later uncovered the plot and Stephanie was shunned by the family.

5. She’s gone

Stephanie allowed the entire family to believe that her and Eric’s daughter, Felicia (Lesli Kay) had died, when in fact she was only in a coma. Stephanie spirited Felicia away to a private clinic where she was given chemotherapy treatments she had previously refused. Felicia survived and her cancer went into remission, after which Stephanie was forgiven.
Stephanie, Felicia, B&B

6. Frame up

After Shane McGrath (Dax Griffin) killed himself in front of Ridge, who risked being charged with the ‘murder’, Stephanie helped her son frame Nick Marone (Jack Wagner) to take the blame for the death. When Brooke wanted to go to the police with the truth, Stephanie choked her with a phone cord and pointed a shotgun at her.

7. Bribery

Stephanie blackmailed her own grandson, Thomas Forrester (then Adam Gregory) to say he’d had sex with Brooke when they were stranded together on a deserted island, even though they had eaten poisonous berries that made them hallucinate and he had no memory of it. She justified the move to reunite Ridge with Taylor, who she thought was better for him than Brooke.

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