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There are few lines this Bold and Beautiful character hasn’t crossed.

As CBS airs a classic episode that features Quinn’s fashion show, Soaps.com decided to take a look back over the history of the decidedly controversial Bold and Beautiful character played by Rena Sofer.


Quinn allowed her son, Wyatt (Darin Brooks), to grow up believing his father was dead. After it came out that Bill Spencer Jr. (Don Diamont) had actually sired her son, Quinn stabbed Bill with his sword necklace, then licked his blood off her finger while staring him in the eyes, during a confrontation – Quinn had interfered in Bill’s other son, Liam’s (Scott Clifton), relationship with Hope (then Kim Matula) on Wyatt’s behalf.


When Wyatt planted the Hope for the Future diamond on jewel thieves to impress Hope, Quinn threatened Charlie Webber (Dick Christie), faked a friendship with Pam Douglas (Alley Mills), and held Aly Forrester (Ashlyn Pearce) over a second-floor railing to protect him.


After Quinn and Bill hooked up for a wild night of S&M sex when he was dumped by Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), Quinn showed a selfie she’d taken of her and Bill in bed together to Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), who planned to use it to stop Brooke from marrying Bill. Ridge was tipped out of a helicopter into the sea for his efforts.


Quinn loathed Liam, who was an obstacle for Wyatt getting together with Hope. She locked him in a sauna, stuck him in the throat with his sword necklace, then later tried to kill him using a real sword. Wyatt intervened and saved his half-brother’s life. Quinn also pushed Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) from a bridge into the River Seine to keep Liam from marrying Hope.

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Quinn became obsessed with Hope when she was pregnant with Wyatt’s baby. She snuck into her ultrasound appointment and her baby shower. Later, as Hope reacted to finding herself alone with her crazy mother-in-law, she tripped and fell down a set of stairs and lost the baby.


During Quinn’s involvement with Deacon (Sean Kanan), she became jealous of his connection to Brooke and slapped the blonde to the floor in a fit of jealousy.


When Quinn found Liam unconscious in the Forrester Creations parking lot, she spirited him away to a cabin, where he awoke suffering from amnesia. Quinn held him captive and told him they were a married couple. She kept on the charade until it became apparent that she was going to be exposed, then planned to kill him by pushing him over a cliff. When Deacon showed up, she pushed him off and left him for dead instead, and Liam was rescued by a shocked Wyatt.

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Quinn became enamored of Eric Forrester (John McCook) and followed him overseas to Monaco. Though she worked to tamp down her dark side, she couldn’t resist meddling in her son’s love life as she coached Ivy to dress and talk like Steffy so she could snag Liam (and keep him away from Steffy, who was married to Wyatt).


When Quinn saw Katie peck Eric on the cheek, she fantasized about killing her using a candlestick and warned her not to visit her husband alone.


Quinn shared kisses and an intense flirtation with Eric’s son Ridge, though this was tame compared to Quinn’s past transgressions.


When Eric’s former flame, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), whose dark side rivaled Quinn’s, showed up in Los Angeles trying to worm her way back into Eric’s life, Quinn tangled with the rival three times in intense catfights, before she was finally free of her interference.


Quinn fumed when she learned Wyatt had begun seeing Katie, who was his father’s ex-wife, and crashed into their bedroom to pull Katie out of the bed. Later, when Pam wanted to put her sister Stephanie’s portrait back up on the wall of the mansion in place of Quinn’s, and marry Charlie in the Forrester living room, Quinn argued with Pam and put her foot through Stephanie’s portrait.


As Quinn warmed to the idea of her best friend from Vegas, Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards), getting together with Ridge, she ended up butting heads with an angry Brooke. Quinn slapped Brooke to the ground after Brooke smacked Shauna, then spiked the former alcoholic’s orange juice with vodka.

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