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Bold and the Beautiful actor turned a working trip to Paris into a chance to propose.

The Bold and the Beautiful has been airing some incredible throwback episodes, so when Soaps.com chatted with Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer; Days of our Lives, Max Brady), we had to ask what he thought about going back in time… but also what may lie ahead in the future for Wyatt, Hope (Annika Noelle), Quinn (Rena Sofer)… and other characters.

According to Brooks, looking back at the episodes airing this week from 2017 and 2016 meant he needed to jog his memory a bit. “Mostly it’s in one door and out the other,” he said. “We do interviews for international publicity and Norway is like three years behind, and I have to ask what storyline we’re in!” But some of what’s been airing, including the showstopper fashion shows, definitely sticks in his memory for a very personal reason. “Any time we go to Monte Carlo or Paris, it’s such a memorable experience – the epic weddings and fashion stuff, it’s fun going down memory lane. I proposed to Kelly [Kruger, The Young and the Restless, Mackenzie; The Bold and the Beautiful, Eva] when we did the first Paris trip!”

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In at least one of the classic episodes, Wyatt encouraged his mom Quinn (Rena Sofer) during fashion show prep, and he admitted working with her was also a fond memory. “[Quinn] was an overbearing mom and always meddling in his relationships when I started six years ago, and that was fun to play,” he said. “Rena and I love the banter between those two. Lately, Quinn has been on the up-and-up, so she hasn’t been meddling so much or creating chaos. So their relationship has gotten closer. But between Rena and me, we talk about how we’d love to be bad again!”

At some point, though, the classic episodes are going to wrap up and we’ll jump back into where things left off: On a huge cliffhanger, as Wyatt had just stumbled upon an unconscious Flo (Katrina Bowden), being dragged by Sally (Courtney Hope) with whom we interviewed and Penny (Monica Ruiz) across the floor. Is there any recovery for Sally and Wyatt’s relationship now? “It’s a soap opera, anything can happen!” said Brooks, who wouldn’t give any spoilers away. “We’re at the beck and call of the writers. But it’s hard, like, how do you come back from that? Of course, there’s lying and betrayal and… four months later everyone’s all good again!”

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