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Was it love, or just a very deep understanding?

It’s almost difficult to call what Brooke Logan and Eric Forrester have together a grand romance. They certainly were attracted to one another – Eric was forever offering Brooke solace, and that tended to turn into a night together (and sometimes a marriage or a baby) – but they also seemed to be magnetically pulled away again just as quickly. In Brooke’s case, that meant to Ridge; for Eric, it was for many years Stephanie. But as Bold and the Beautiful continues airing classic episodes, walks you through seven key plot points of their unconventional affairs, business and otherwise.

1. Aid and comfort

Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) is first and foremost identified for her long-running love triangle with Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Ridge (Ronn Moss) but the other recurring love in her life has been Eric Forrester (John McCook)… Ridge’s dad. The pair first connected in 1990 when Eric tried to comfort Brooke when Ridge decided to marry Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnston). They went to bed together, and Brooke got pregnant. She left town to have an abortion, but ultimately didn’t go through with it.

2. The first marriage

Eric left his wife Stephanie (Susan Flannery), and after Brooke gave birth to Eric Forrester Jr. (Jacob Young) she and Eric tied the knot. The marriage didn’t last because Brooke had slept with Ridge on the floor of a laboratory. After they split, Brooke reunited with Ridge while Eric came back to Stephanie… but that was far from the end of the story. Eric ultimately wed Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) and Ridge married Taylor. That left Brooke out in the cold.

3. Who’s the daddy

In 1992, Brooke had affairs with both Eric and Ridge and conceived Bridget (Ashley Jones) – which meant no one was sure who the biological dad was. Brooke went into labor in a cabin and delivered the baby with Ridge’s help. A paternity test confirmed the girl was, in fact, Ridge’s daughter, and the little girl was named after a combination of “Brooke” and “Ridge.” Brooke and Eric’s divorce was finalized in 1993. But wait: in 1996, the truth came out – Bridget was actually Eric’s daughter, not Ridge’s. Eric’s ex Sheila had switched the paternity tests. Once again, Eric was there to comfort Brooke after she broke the news to little Bridget.

4. A new hope

In 2002, Brooke had another affair … though not with Ridge or Eric, but her son-in law, Bridget’s husband Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan)! Again, Brooke became pregnant and gave birth to Hope Logan (Annika Noelle), though during the pregnancy she married Whip Jones (Rick Hearst) and claimed he was the father… but she also covered her bases by seducing Eric again so she could say he was Hope’s daddy.

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5. Fired, hired and stuck in a basement

Eric left Stephanie again in 2005 and eloped with Brooke to Las Vegas. Upon their return, the newlyweds became co-CEOs of Forrester Creations… and fired Stephanie. But Stephanie learned there was a trust her father had set up decades earlier, which Eric had hidden away, making her the sole owner of the company. After taking over, she fired Brooke and Eric, re-hired them as designers, and stuck them in a basement office. Eric and Brooke divorced again by 2006. Brooke went back to Ridge, and Eric returned to Stephanie.

6. Just saying no

In 2013, Brooke was at it again, sleeping with her sister Katie’s (Heather Tom) husband Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) and… you guessed it, got pregnant. Once more she tried seducing Eric, asking him to pose as the father of her baby. Eric turned her down, so Brooke came clean and revealed she was pregnant to Katie and Bill. She fainted and miscarried.

7. Kiss on her list

Over the years, despite their marriages and children, Eric still does best as a shoulder to cry on for Brooke. He’s even said he supports her being with Ridge and initially had a hard time with his wife Quinn (Rena Sofer), who’d tried to sabotage Brooke and Ridge’s reunion with video of her smooching Bill.

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