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Bold and Beautiful couple faced manipulations, betrayals, and flip-flopping.

As CBS airs a Bold and Beautiful classic episode featuring Hope and Liam’s wedding in Italy, looks back on their love story and the various challenges they’ve overcome to be together.


Hope Logan (then Kim Matula) befriended Liam Cooper (Scott Clifton) and helped him connect with his biological father, Bill Spencer II (Don Diamont), when he first arrived in Los Angeles and they soon fell for one another. When Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz) insisted she was pregnant with Liam’s baby, his romance with Hope faltered repeatedly as they tried to figure out whether or not to be together under the circumstances. They reconciled when it was revealed Liam did not father Amber’s child.


Hope and Liam became engaged, but Hope broke it off and left her ring on the mantle at the cliff house after catching him kissing Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). She followed the pair to Aspen, and found herself trapped in a gondola watching Liam get married to Steffy.


Hope and Liam’s paths crossed during a trip to Cabo San Lucas, where he was vacationing with Steffy, and she was with Steffy’s brother, Thomas Forrester (then Adam Gregory), and they wound up sharing a kiss. They wanted to reunite but Liam stayed with Steffy after Bill faked her MRI results following an ATV accident. Once the manipulation was revealed, Liam decided to annul his marriage to Steffy and marry Hope.


Hope and Liam’s wedding was stopped by Steffy, who wanted to go the divorce route, and though Hope moved in with Liam, she developed anxiety from living with a married man and sought therapy. Hope became hooked on anti-anxiety pills, but once that was in the rear-view mirror, she and Liam planned to finally tie the knot in Italy.


Hope and Liam were manipulated again before their wedding in Puglia, but the nuptials went ahead. Afterward, Hope saw a video of Liam kissing Steffy prior to the ceremony and asked for a do-over wedding in Los Angeles, but sent Liam away when he showed up to the event with his hair dyed and sporting a tattoo – he had partied with Steffy the night before.


Hope still wanted Liam, despite the fact he’d moved on with Steffy, and suggested her rival move out of the cliff house so he could make a decision. Hope and Brooke then surprised him with a wedding on the property, but Steffy showed up and announced she was pregnant. Hope urged Liam to be with the mother of his child.


After Steffy miscarried and moved overseas, Hope and Liam became engaged again, but his newfound half-brother Wyatt Fuller (Darin Brooks) was also competing to win her love at that point. Hope and Liam were set to be married when she spotted Liam talking to Steffy and elected to take off to Hawaii with Wyatt.

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Hope dated both brothers, but eventually was set to marry Liam once again, this time at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. When Liam was deliberately waylaid, Hope married Wyatt instead. When Hope miscarried their baby, she decided to say farewell to her marriage and to Los Angeles and told Liam she would always love him before leaving.


Hope (Annika Noelle) returned from Milan to Liam living in a hotel room devastated that Steffy, who was pregnant, had a one-night stand with his father. Hope was prepared for Liam to remarry Steffy, but he proposed to her instead. Hope and Liam made it to the altar, only for Wyatt to reveal that Bill had faked an ongoing affair with Steffy, so Hope urged Liam to be with her and his daughter, Kelly. Soon, Hope found out she was pregnant with Liam’s child and he kissed her.


Steffy stepped aside and urged Liam and Hope together. They married, but when Hope traveled ahead of Liam to Catalina Island for a ‘babymoon’ in bad weather, she went into labor, and Liam arrived to hear their baby had died. Hope became depressed and pushed Liam to reunite with Steffy, who had unknowingly adopted Hope and Liam’s very-much-alive baby girl, and Liam reluctantly signed-off on an annulment.


Hope was pursued by Thomas, who hid the truth about her daughter, Beth, being alive when he found out. Hope married Thomas, but another annulment wasn’t far down the line once the baby secret came out. Thomas continued to obsess over Hope, who was back with Liam and finally had her little family. Despite another manipulation, which caused Hope to see Liam and Steffy share a kiss, Hope and Liam were ‘married’ in their cabin by Thomas’ young son, Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) after Thomas’ scheming was exposed.

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