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A look back at the loves, loses and life of Taylor Hayes…

There won’t be any new episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful for now, but there’s still so much history to mine. On Monday May 4 B&B will be airing a classic episode from September 30, 1994, in which we’ll see what’s going on between Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) and Prince Omar (Kabir Bedi). In order to get all caught up on the since-departed character, is here to share 11 fast facts about Taylor…


One of Bold and Beautiful’s most beloved, longest-running characters, psychiatrist (and oncologist) Dr. Taylor Hamilton Hayes first checked in on June 6, 1990. Though briefly played by Sherilyn Wolter in 1990, Hunter Tylo was the character’s key portrayer, appearing on and off from 1990 – 2002 then 2002 – 2014 and again from 2018 – 2019. Her last recurring air date was April 3, 2019.


Over the years, Taylor has gone by many names: Hamilton is her maiden name; during a bout of amnesia in 1994 she went by Laila; post-amnesia she used the alias Carol Roberts to return to Los Angeles in disguise; Ridge nicknamed her Doc; and Hayes was her abusive ex-husband Blake’s (Peter Brown) last name.


Taylor and Ridge Forrester (Ronn Moss) connected after she cared for his wife Caroline Spencer Forrester (Joanna Johnson), who was ill with leukemia. As Caroline lay dying, she begged Taylor and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) to watch over her soon-to-be-widowed husband. Thus began a decades-long love triangle between Ridge, Brooke and Taylor.

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Taylor voluntarily wed five times: Blake (they were divorced when she first joined the show); Ridge (1992 and 1998); Dominick “Nick” Marone (Jack Wagner) (2007); Whipple “Whip” Jones III (Rick Hearst) (2010). We say “voluntarily” because…


After being presumed dead following a plane crash in April 1994, Taylor turned out to be a) alive b) suffering from amnesia (she’d been mugged at the airport during a layover) and c) living in the palace of Prince Omar Rashid (Kabir Bedi), who found her. He fell for her, but when her memories came back she became his captive, living under the alias Princess Laila. Taylor learned that Ridge had married Brooke and agreed to marry Omar – but not to sleep with him. After Taylor’s father Jack had a heart attack, she talked Omar into letting her go home – but she ended up in disguise as British nurse Carol Roberts, who cared for a (temporarily) blinded Ridge. Eventually a judge declared that Ridge and Taylor had never legally un-married, so both her union to Omar and Brooke’s marriage to Ridge were voided.


The other key ongoing relationship in Taylor’s life was always her rivalry with Brooke, who wanted Ridge for herself (and sometimes landed him). But Ridge wasn’t the only man the two battled over; Brooke chased after Nick Marone in 2007 while he was married to Taylor. Here’s the twist: Taylor became pregnant with Nick’s child after a round of in vitro fertilization – but a screw-up at the lab meant it was Brooke’s eggs that got implanted into Taylor – which led to baby Jack. Brooke and Taylor have also gotten physical: by wrestling one another in a koi pond (2010) and having a food fight (2018).

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Taylor has three children by Ridge: Thomas (now played by Matthew Atkinson) (1998), and twins Phoebe and Stephanie (now played by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) (1999). Phoebe (MacKenzie Mauzy) died in 2008 after a car crash, and Taylor did give birth to Nick and Brooke’s child Jack.


Taylor also found time to have brief relationships or affairs with: Stephen “Storm” Logan Jr., Grant Chambers, James Warwick, Eric Forrester, Thorne Forrester, Hector Ramirez, Stephen Logan Sr., Rick Forrester and Reese Buckingham.


Though Taylor is considered a heroine, she’s had plenty of criminally dark times over the years: after drinking, she drove a car that killed Darla Einstein Forrester (Schae Harrison), which sent Taylor to jail briefly (2006); she risked losing her medical license by breaking into Brooke’s hospital files (2013); she shot Bill Spencer Jr. (Don Diamont) and attempted to shoot him a second time (2018).

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Despite being a doctor of both the mind and body, Taylor has also suffered plenty of maladies and injuries. She nearly froze in a cabin after an earthquake (1994); had a bout with amnesia after being mugged in Cairo (also 1994); was burned on the face after her nightgown caught fire (1997); fell ill with tuberculosis and nearly died in childbirth (1999); was shot in a fight with Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) and flatlined (2002); became an alcoholic (2006); ate psychedelic berries (2011); was injured in a fall and temporarily had to walk with a cane (2018); was treated for nonspecific mental illness (2018).


After living in Paris, Taylor returned to LA in April 2018, where the truth about her shooting Bill came out… to a limited group of people who actually kept the secret. invites readers to watch Taylor’s very first Bold and the Beautiful scene below then take a look through the photo gallery to relive some of her past storyline moments…

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