Wanting what she can't have. (Soaps.com)

B&B Breakdown for the week of October 5!

Bill’s takeover has added a new twist this week with the addition of Bill Sr.’s instructions on the DVD to his son. His request that Bill Jr. carry on his hatred of Eric and the Forresters gives us viewers a little better understanding of why Bill might be going after FC with such gusto. Also, his cold, stoic looks behind Katie’s back makes me wonder if Bill is in fact just using Katie, although I’m still not entirely sure how she’s so important to his plan.

I have to say while I would be disappointed if Bill was in fact just using Katie, it would be a great twist because he’s done such a good job of snowing her and the audience. Case in point: Friday’s steamy kiss and declaration of his feelings. (God, I love a man who takes charge!) If he is using her, it would completely devastate her and then hopefully lead to even more compelling drama.

As much as I am liking this storyline, I have a couple of questions. If Bill has taken over Forrester’s loans from the bank, why does Eric need to raise money to pay them back? And if he does pay them back, will he get to keep his company? If that’s the case, why would Bill help Eric out by buying his beach house, if he wants FC for himself? I’m so confused! Please feel free to clear it up for me below if you understand this better than I do.

Here’s my other question: Why was Jarrett helping Bill move his boxes into the beach house and running his errands? First of all, I would think Bill would hire a moving company or go to the jeweler himself, and secondly, Jarrett is a journalist! Why has he turned into Bill’s lapdog?