Hope holds Douglas Bold and Beautiful
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

Bold and Beautiful wedding sets the scene for Thomas’ exposure and dramatic surprises.

With Bold and the Beautiful teasers indicating that Thomas is about to get his comeuppance after pushing the envelope in his scheme to get Hope back, Soaps.com thought it would be fun to speculate on what might happen next.

Following a conversation with Vinny, Thomas twigged on the idea to move up his wedding date to Zoe, thereby causing Douglas to panic and upping the pressure on Hope to intervene and agree to marry Thomas herself. Not one to do things halfway, Thomas announced the wedding would take place in a day or two, whipped up a couple of wedding gown designs (one for Zoe, and one purportedly as the showstopper for Hope’s line), and got the expected reaction from poor Douglas, who launched himself into Hope’s arms and begged her to make it stop. Steffy confronted her brother about his agenda, and without his knowledge, confessed to Liam that Thomas was behind her sudden decision to kiss him and is still, in fact, obsessed with Hope.

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Once Hope’s in the loop, a plan will likely go into high gear to deal with Thomas once and for all. Teasers hint that Hope will follow Douglas upstairs when he has a meltdown during the wedding ceremony, then return in such a way that the wedding party will be shocked. I’m guessing she’ll appear in the wedding dress Thomas had designed for her, and pretend she’s going to marry Thomas, who will eagerly accept, thus exposing himself to Zoe. Once that damage is done, Hope will renege as she, Liam and Steffy confront Thomas in front of everyone in attendance, including Ridge, who has been Thomas’ staunchest supporter. Maybe Hope and Liam will twist the knife even further by hi-jacking Thomas’ wedding and exchanging vows themselves while he’s forced to watch. Spoilers point to Thomas getting his due in a surprising way, so it’s possible.

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