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B&B Breakdown for the week of September 28!

***Spoilers are included***

The biggest news to hit B&B this week is that Sarah Brown (Claudia, General Hospital) is joining the cast as Sandy Sommers. She won’t debut until November, but she will be interacting with the characters of Whip, Nick and Bridget, as according to the spoilers, she will be Nick and Bridget’s surrogate. I will be happy to see Nick and Bridget in a real storyline again, but I hope their lighthearted tone of late doesn’t get too serious. I’m also glad that Rick Hearst (Whip) will be part of this storyline because Sarah had great chemistry with him on General Hospital and I’ve gotten worried about him not being used too much lately.

B&B seems to have realized what the fans have been saying for so many years that there aren’t enough characters outside the Logan and Forrester families. They have rectified that by adding four new unrelated people this year: Bill, Whip, Justin and now Sandy. But is this really a good thing? I love the new faces and new dynamics, but is there enough time to devote to all these people, plus the already established characters? Again, I love that we are getting new blood on the show, but if they don’t have time to showcase stories with Felicia, Thorne, Rick or Taylor, how will all the newbies fair?

The show tells their stories so fast these days that even if a new character is strongly involved, they might be seriously backburnered after the two weeks it takes to wrap up their arc. Bill has rebounded nicely after his downtime following his strong debut and is smack in the middle of a romance and corporate intrigue, but Whip came on strong and is now just background fodder at Jackie M business meetings. As suggested, with Sarah Brown coming on, that will change, but that’s not for another month. We also have Justin who was featured for a week and a half, the time it took for both him and Marcus to learn they were father and son. He’s still involved in Bill’s business dealings, but will we actually get to see him and Marcus form a relationship or more of him and Donna? I certainly hope so.