Ronn Moss of Bold and the Beautiful
Credit: Image: Jill johnson/JPI

Former Bold and the Beautiful actor’s new project features Wall Street and the mob. has learned that The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ronn Moss (ex-Ridge Forrester) is developing a new film titled Surprise Trip. The film is based on a story written by Moss along with Tiziano Cavaliere and Pietro Genuardi. The screenplay was developed by Genuardi and Fabio Cursio Giacobbe. Moss is also an executive producer on the project with his wife Devin DeVasquez and Cavaliere. It’s directed by Roberto Iza Baeli and produced by Bros Group Italia and his own company Devronn Enterprises. The group recently posted a pitch on Vimeo, what in Hollywood is referred to as a proof of concept. It allows possible backers to evaluate the potential of a full feature film. In the video, mostly in Italian, Moss is an overworked office worker on Wall Street who books a trip to Italy and an Italian villa to stay in. He inadvertently gets mixed up with the Italian mob, and a woman whose family owns the villa. The project also stars Paolo Sassanelli, Totò Onnis, Fabio Cursio Giacobbe, Mayra Pietrocola, Pietro Genuardi and Giuliano Giuliani.

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Ronn Moss, who was once in the band Player, continues to write music and perform. While in Italy working on this project he’s played several shows. On September 1 he performed with the Oles Symphony Orchestra under the direction Of Antonio Palazzo in Lecce. Just a few days ago he played an unplugged concert in Barton Park, Perugia, which is the capital of the Umbria region in Italy. He has another performance scheduled on September 28 in Roccella Ionian, in Southern Italy.

Video: Bros Group Italia/Vimeo