bold and beautiful denise richards health scare
Credit: Image: D Guignebourg/JPI

Bold and Beautiful actress talks eliminating gluten from diet.

The Bold and the Beautiful and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards (Shauna Fulton) has had a lot going on these days. recently reported that Richards joined the cast of BH90210, which premieres this week, and now the actress has revealed a recent health scare.

Richard took to Instagram to alert fans of just how toxic gluten is to her body. During The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion that aired on Tuesday July 16, fans noticed that her thyroid was enlarged and began messaging Richards, who stated, “It’s amazing to me in a short time eliminating gluten from my diet how much my thyroid has changed. A few of you pointed out after the #RHOBH reunion that my thyroid was enlarged. You were right, it was something I ignored until pointed out. I had no idea how much our diet really can affect our body and for me how toxic gluten really is … I thank all of you who sent me messages. #selfcare.”

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Fellow soap opera actress Kelly Kruger, who played Mackenzie Browning Hellstrom on Young and the Restless, as well as Eva the publicist on Bold and Beautiful, replied, “Going gluten free completely changed my life. Cleared up my skin, more energy etc. best thing you can do.”

Gluten is a protein found in cereal grains, mostly wheat, barley and rye. Those with Celiac disease, sometimes called Celiac sprue, Gluten-sensitive enteropathy or Nontropical sprue, cannot eat gluten. It’s an immune disease that damages the small intestine due to ingestion of the protein.