Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger pregnant
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

Wine and french fries helped the daytime couple realize they were pregnant.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer) and The Young and the Restless’ Kelly Kruger (Mackenzie Browning) are expecting their first baby together, as well as celebrating three years of marriage. The adorable daytime couple relayed their thoughts on marriage and impending parenthood with Soap Opera Digest. Soaps.com is happy to share their humorous stories below.

Despite being together six years before they got married, Kruger and Brooks noted how hard the first year of marriage was. The reason for that Kruger surmised is, “Before you get married, little things can roll off your shoulders and you’re just like, ‘Whatever.’ When you get married, you’re like, ‘This is my person forever and my future,’ so the little things that used to be like, ‘Whatever’…. become a big thing.”

The couple agreed that both people have to work at making marriage work and admitted to turning to a self-help book for guidance. Brooks’ mother gave them the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus when they first got married and they read it to each other every night. However, Brooks confessed, “We didn’t finish it, but we did start!”

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Though their initial plan was to try to start a family right after getting married, they decided to wait a bit to work on their careers. When they did start trying to get pregnant nothing happened, which became frustrating for Kruger, who admitted to feeling like a failure. They decided to stop focusing on it and just enjoy each other, which of course is when they got pregnant. “It’s such an incredible thing that when you really do just let go and stop trying is when it happens. And I think that’s with a lot of things in life,” Kruger mused.

They first realized Kruger was pregnant not from a test, but from her wild mood swings. First, there was the time she didn’t like Brooks’ tone of voice when he tried to help her with something and she “freaked out” on him causing him to leave the room, which upset her even further. So, she grabbed his stuff and ordered him to sleep on the couch. Then, there was the time she threw french fries in his face during a fight when he started mocking her, spilling wine in the process. “Wine got on the dogs! I mean, it was all over our couch. I went nuts. And he just laughed. He’s like, “you’re pregnant,” Kruger recalled.

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Of course, they took a test to confirm it and now they’re looking forward to meeting their baby. For Brooks, that also means eventually getting to take his daughter surfing – “That’s going to be really fun for me.” As they wrapped up the interview, Kruger said, “Being pregnant and seeing the way he’s been with me has made me fall in love all over again … I just see the way he is even at the ultrasound or first kicks and the way he talks to my stomach… It makes me really excited to just go on this journey together.”