Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger from Bold and the Beautiful and Young and the Restless

Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Real life soap opera couple pregnant after a year of trying.

Soaps.com is thrilled to report that Bold and the Beautiful’s Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer) and Young and the Restless’ Kelly Kruger (Mackenzie Browning) are expecting their first child together. Brooks and Kruger married in 2016 and met five years earlier working on the television show Blue Mountain State. Kruger has also appeared on Bold and the Beautiful as the Forrester international press representative Eva.

The couple revealed to PEOPLE that they have been trying to conceive for about a year, and shared the first photos of the baby bump with the magazine. Visit PEOPLE for these exclusive photos. “After about a year of trying to have a baby, we couldn’t be more excited to be bringing our love into this world!” Kruger told the magazine. “It still doesn’t feel real aside from the morning sickness, fatigue, crazy changes to my body and the fact that I sobbed on the airplane watching Instant Family – it usually takes a lot to make me cry.” On the pregnancy and his wife, Brooks commented “Kelly’s been truly amazing through this whole process! She’s been filming and working through it all, which is incredible! And just the strength and energy she has had to be the bearer of this new little life form is inspiring! It has brought us closer together and we just can’t wait to meet the little me or Kelly!” “We can’t wait to meet this little one and are enjoying every step of this process. Pregnancy isn’t easy, but we are so grateful to be experiencing it,” Kruger added.

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The couple is expecting in September, and has not revealed the sex of the child, though are planning to find out. Soaps.com will keep you updated with their big reveal.