Brad bell teases twists on Bold and the Beautiful
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Bold and Beautiful headwriter celebrates 32 years with more exciting story-telling ahead. has learned that Bold and the Beautiful headwriter and executive producer, Brad Bell, has let out some details regarding what’s ahead for B&B in an interview with Parade honoring the show’s 32nd anniversary.

Bell and his cast and crew recently celebrated the remarkable milestone with a Bold and Beautiful 32nd anniversary party and looking ahead, Bell stated, “We’re as enthusiastic today as we were in 1987 when we kicked off the show. We promise there’s much more drama yet to come!” Elaborating, the headwriter explained, “The secret of Hope’s baby is one that’s going to have so many twists and turns. I just feel so confident that this story is going to be a real standout for the series.” When asked if Pam and Charlie would marry, Bell teased, “I think the day will come when Pam is ready. Pammy’s a late bloomer, you know.”

Bell spoke about some of his past storylines surrounding social issues and recalled, “Going down to skid row and shooting in the parks there and working with the great people at Union Rescue Mission, we were able to ask the question, why are you homeless? And through the character of Stephanie Forrester see that homelessness can happen to anyone.” Another was the transgender storyline featuring Maya (Karla Mosley) and Rick (Jacob Young), about which the headwriter reflected, “I think that was a beautiful love story and message—that it doesn’t really matter what you look like or what you identify as but who you are inside and that’s what counts.” Bell then shared, “We also have another social issue story line. I can’t get into it, but for 2019, we’re doing some research and that’s something I look forward to penning this year.”

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In light of the 32-year milestone, Bell remembered some of his favorite storyline moments, which included Storm (William DeVry) committing suicide to give his sister, Katie (Heather Tom) his heart to save her life, and Stephanie (Susan Flannery) dying in Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) arms at the cabin in Big Bear. He also spoke fondly of location shoots, so hopefully Bold and Beautiful viewers can anticipate more. Bell said, “I love, personally, a lot of our location shoots because we’re able to get together and go on the road as a team all over the world. Brooke in her wedding dress on the boat crossing a harbor in Portofino, Italy, stands out to me. And the fashion show at the Villa d’Este and Lake Como. In Australia, we had our two original cast members, John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang — who play Eric and Brooke. Whenever we go on location, it’s a real treat for us and hopefully for the fans as well.”

As for how he keeps the show fresh, Bell explained, “I draw so much from the actors and what they bring. We keep our core group of actors and then we’re always bringing in new characters and new actors, which is the fun of this daily show in that you have to keep feeding it.”

As a final tease, Bell spoke of Matthew Atkinson’s recast Thomas Forrester, and previewed, “He’s going to stir the pot and bring a little trouble with him.”