Taylor returns to B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Will Bill give Taylor cause for concern?

When Taylor showed up on The Bold and the Beautiful earlier this year, it was revealed she was the one who shot Bill. Then Taylor popped up to visit her new granddaughter and got into a cake fight with Brooke. As Soaps.com reported, Hunter Tylo is returning as Taylor for another visit on November 26.

If you’ll recall, Taylor shot Bill in response to hearing he had sex with Steffy. Assuming he was preying on her daughter, Taylor snapped. On that fateful dark and stormy night, she slid into Bill’s house and shot him in the back.

Steffy learned her mother shot Bill and grew concerned for her visibly unstable mother. She pled Taylor’s case to Bill, who agreed to keep quiet about Taylor’s guilt—for Steffy’s sake, naturally. With Taylor’s return, she doubts Dollar Bill’s vow to not turn her in to the cops. Clearly, she hasn’t heard that he’s a changed man. Though she didn’t get the memo, could there be real reason to worry? Taylor shooting Bill could become public, which could send her to jail; she could expand the Bill/Brooke/Ridge triangle into a quadrangle pulling Brooke and Ridge back to their respective exes; and the rehashing of Bill’s shooting could send Steffy and Bill back into each other’s orbits, which would probably make Liam’s and Ridge’s heads explode, while disrupting Steffy’s unconventional, yet happy family unit.

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Taylor’s last return had her butting heads with Brooke over their daughters’ love triangle with Liam. Despite Steffy embracing the dynamics of her extended family with Liam, Hope, and their gestating baby, Taylor’s still miffed and accuses Hope of basically stealing Steffy’s life and then confronts her longtime arch nemesis, Brooke. Over what, and armed with what food group, remains to be seen.
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