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Bold and Beautiful actress’ harrowing experience on set.

As readers know, Ashley Jones has returned to B&B twice in recent months as Bridget Forrester to appear at the weddings of her half-sister, Hope Logan, and her Aunt Katie, who incidentally, became her sister-in-law when she married Thorne Forrester. Outside of her soap opera appearances, the actress has been busy filming a new made-for-TV movie entitled Homekilling Queen. Jones took to her Instagram account to share about the chilly weather and her homesickness, as she’s missing her son, Hayden, age 2. Most recently, she shared a photo of herself with Dateline’s Andrea Canning, who co-wrote the film along with Lynn Keller. The duo also wrote Til Ex Do Us Part, a television movie currently filming that stars General Hospital and Young and Restless alum, Kelly Sullivan. Jones plays the character of Connie Manning in Homekilling Queen, and one of her co-stars is James Gallenders, who portrayed Detective Michael Croft on the now-defunct soap, The City. The actor shared a selfie from the set, as well as a photo of the script on his Instagram account.

In Ashley Jones blog, she opened up about missing her young son and a horrific weather incident that impacted filming of the movie, which was being filmed in Ottawa, Canada. She reflected, “I miss Hayden. I chose to take this film far away, so it feels wrong to now complain. I enjoy getting to work and am grateful. Perhaps complaining is not the right word.” Jones then elaborated, “My family is keeping him stimulated and smothered with love! But, I am up here in Canada far away from him. Hearing him say ‘Hold you, Mama…hold you’ through the phone breaks my heart.”

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When a tornado unexpectedly hit the region, Jones was briefly unable to communicate with her family in Los Angeles. She described the scene as it unfolded, and said, “I was downstairs near the hotel lobby waiting for one my producers and wardrobe for an intense, long fitting where we would decide on outfits for each remaining scene for my character Connie. There were other visitors in the lobby around the same time. In a chorus type melody, each phone began to sing the chime of a weather alert. One after another updating each of us of the danger heading our way. The news had a headline saying: TAKE COVER. STAY AWAY FROM WINDOWS. A TORNADO IS YOUR NEAR VICINITY. What???” Afterward, the area was out of power for 24 hours and Jones reported, “The school where we’ve been shooting this film caught on fire and has extensive damage. No one has died, at least no reports I’ve heard. I thank God for that. And our production crew is safe and sound.” The next day, she updated, “The schedule had to be altered for production, but they’re on top of that figuring out new locations, a new school, what needs to be reshot… a lot of juggling.” Also, Jones was once again able to see photos and videos of her son and get on Facetime, so all ended well.

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