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Bold and Beautiful actress’ harrowing ordeal.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Heather Tom (Katie Logan) recently took to social media to share an account of a terrifying incident involving her young son, Zane Achor, that she later related to events occurring in the United States. On a trip to the beach with her son and husband, James Achor, Zane went missing for a short time. Tom recounts the depth of her fear during that period of time, and how it later caused her to feel empathy for parents seeking asylum at U.S. ports of entry who were separated from their children. readers will recall that Zane Achor played B&B’s Will Spencer until June 2018, after which B&B recast the role with Finnegan George.

Tom related her story via tweets as follows: “I’m going 2share something really personal w/ U-I’ve debated if I should-but I’m Going2. Bcuz you’ve always shown such ❤️ 4Zane I’m going to, and I feel like it could be relative to what’s happening in our country today. Yesterday we lost Zane at the beach. James took him to the showers and turned around for 2 seconds and he was gone. Like gone gone. I was on the beach and James came running up to me asking if he had run past me to the water- I said no &we started a frantic search for him. He was nowhere – I told the life guards – my son is missing and every horrible thought flashed thru my head in a single second. James went 1way & I went the other screaming his name – a man & his wife said they’d seen a little boy who looked lost wandering down the beach. She was a school teacher and recognized his confusion – I ran that way and I found him. He had actually had gone to a life guard station but was too shy to talk to the guard- he was looking for our rainbow umbrella. I have never felt such cold feral fear- I held my boy until he insisted I let go and didn’t take my eyes off of him for the rest of the day. After things calmed down all I could think abt were the women & men who had their kids taken away – sometimes w/out warning – at the border. I thought empathized – I’ve thought it was horrific but Zane was gone 4probly less than 10min – & I had police & kind people helping 2look 4him. To take their children away is an act against humanity-pure and simple- there are still over a thousand kids who have not been reunited. This is not who we are. I didn’t know where my child was, if he was safe, if he was being abused, if he was taken or worse for 10 min maybe -these mothers have gone weeks. Despicable. I don’t know if any of U have experience anything similar & I hope you won’t judge me but believe me I didn’t feel like he was in summer camp. He was freaked out too (altho we’ve talked abt strangers & abt who to find if he gets lost-police-sec guards) he still wandered. Thank god we found him.”

Afterward, Tom thanked those who had responded and said, “Thank you for your kind words – sometimes social media makes me feel really supported.”

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A CNN report from June 27 stated that “more than 2,500 undocumented children have been separated from their parents in the two months since President Donald Trump’s zero-tolerance policy took effect,” and added that, “the majority of those children have not been reunited with their parents.”