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Eleven trips down the aisle for Bold and Beautiful couple.

As CBS airs the classic episode featuring Brooke and Ridge’s 1994 wedding, takes a look back over the couple’s past wedding ceremonies. They haven’t been married 11 times, but they certainly tried. Keep reading to relive their past successes and failures.


It was their first wedding, so it’s fitting it was one of their most dramatic. Royal sounding trumpets played over the scene, as Brooke (played by Katherine Kelly Lang) arrived on horseback to her beach wedding at Point Dume. Surrounded by sand castles, Ridge (then portrayed by Ronn Moss) played it cool in a casual white suit, while Brooke wore a traditional dress with puffy sleeves befitting an early 90s wedding. They married in front of all their friends and family, most of whom were played by different actors than viewers see on screen today.


In an effort to prevent a pregnant Taylor from telling Ridge he was the father of her baby, Brooke moved the time of their wedding up an hour, without telling Taylor and Thorne. It’s unclear why Taylor still wouldn’t have been able to tell him, but since their honeymoon plane to Italy was directly after the ceremony, Brooke figured she’d be free and clear. Her plan worked, Taylor missed the ceremony and Brooke and Ridge got married. In a church no less. Meanwhile, Taylor gave birth to Thomas while en route to the wedding with Thorne.

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At the Forrester mansion, Brooke stood at the altar with tears in her eyes, as she told Ridge, who sported some gloriously feathered hair, that she couldn’t marry him. When Ridge caught up to his runaway bride, Brooke understandably explained that she called the wedding off because she believed he and her daughter Bridget still had feelings for each other. Yep. That’ll do it.
Brooke can't marry Ridge 2013 Bold and Beautiful

After all that weirdness subsided, Ridge and Brooke eloped to a South American island. Ridge chose to go shirtless while draped in traditional island garb, while Brooke donned a hot pink dress and a headdress. Disaster struck after the ceremony though when Ridge was kidnapped by none other than Sheila Carter. After a botched escape attempt that involved Brooke, Nick and Massimo, Ridge was presumed dead.
Brooke Ridge jungle wedding 2003 Bold and Beautiful


After a lot of back and forth between Ridge and Nick, Brooke ultimately decided to marry Ridge, at least that time, as the groom once again wore a casual white suit. Brooke changed things up again with a pale blue spaghetti-strapped number with draping down the back. After the ceremony was completed, at the family home, a drunk Stephanie and Nick crashed the party.

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In a sparsely attended ceremony, in their natural habitat of the Forrester living room, Brooke wore a more casual cream-colored dress with splashes of orange color. Meanwhile, Ridge forewent his favorite white suit in exchange for a classic tux. Of course, Stephanie was outfitted in disdain and exasperation. Just after they exchanged rings, Nick burst in, threw Brooke over his shoulder and ran upstairs, where he forcefully kissed her. She eventually gave in to the moment, but before Brooke could announce her choice of men, the family was called to Felicia’s bedside as she was believed to have succumbed to cancer.
Brooke Ridge wedding 2006 Bold and Beautiful


Point Dume was once again the site of a Ridge and Brooke production. This time it was a little less dramatic, as there were no horses, but it was no less romantic. Ridge, dressed in, yep, all white, had his and Brooke’s names carved out in the sand surrounded by a heart. This time at the beach was a more intimate affair, as not one guest was present. It was just the two of them, but because of Pam’s ensuing clerical error, they would later discover their marriage was invalid.
Brooke Ridge marry beach 2009 Bold and Beautiful

They fixed that issue later that year by heading to a government office to make things official. Their non-ceremony was their most casual attempt at marriage yet. They also badgered the reluctant “officiant” into pronouncing them husband and wife.


Brooke and Ridge proved they really like getting married at home, as the Forrester estate was again their venue of choice for this go-around. Hope was the maid of honor, while Thomas accepted best man duties, but only after Rick declined. The real shocker was that Stephanie gave her blessing and even planned the ceremony. Most touchingly though, she called Brooke her daughter. The happy couple went on an extended honeymoon afterward, but only Brooke would return, as Ridge was displeased that she lied about her attempts at getting Deacon to stay away from Hope.
Brooke marries Ridge 2012 Bold and Beautiful


This ill-fated wedding began at the Forrester Mansion with Carter presiding over the nuptials and Katie as the matron of honor. However, Ridge (now played by Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke would have to wait a few years before they would finalize their destiny. The ceremony came to a halt when Katie fainted and was rushed to the hospital. Though Brooke was rightfully concerned, it was all a rouse on her sister’s part to stop the wedding because Katie was in love with Ridge, who loved her back.
Katie faints Brooke Ridge wedding 2014 Bold and Beautiful


Brooke and Ridge’s most recent wedding had an air of déjà vu, as it was held at the family home, Carter presided and Katie stood up for her sister. She didn’t pretend to faint this time though and Ridge and Brooke’s 11th wedding ceremony went off without a hitch. The classic nuptials even had a surprise guest, in spirit anyway, as Stephanie’s portrait was returned above the mantel. Stephanie even gave her blessing to her “sweet little slut from the valley.”

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