Brooke’s past is filled with friends, lovers and placeholders.

Brooke Logan‘s latest go around with Ridge has left her single. We have no doubt that will be a temporary situation, especially with Bill eager to win her back. Despite Ridge being a constant in her life over the past three decades, couldn’t help but think about all the other men she’s had flings, affairs and marriages with, and wonder who, if anyone, is the best match for her.

Episode # 7488Ridge Forrester:
Brooke has always considered Ridge Forrester to be her destiny, but over the years, Mr. Destiny kissed her daughter, fell in love with her sister and most recently began a too intense flirtation with his stepmother. Brooke has given as good as she got though, as evidenced by her marrying two of Ridge’s brothers, as well as his father. But no matter how many other unions they’ve had while on the rebound from each other, RJ’s parents have always managed to come back together. Ridge kissing Quinn may have crossed one too many lines though, considering Brooke called off what would have been their eighth wedding and then fell into her ex Bill Spencer’s arms.

Episode # 6584Eric Forrester:
Before marrying and procreating with Ridge, Brooke did both those things with his father Eric Forrester, while on the rebound from Ridge, of course. To make things even more incestuous, Eric also had a past with Brooke’s mother Beth and later married her sister Donna. While there was genuine love between the two, Eric seemed to be more of a safe space for Brooke, who often turned to him in her time of need. He even married her twice. Despite being there for her, Eric always ended up with Stephanie (until her death), while Brooke had her own destiny.

BrookeJames Warwick:
Psychiatrist James Warwick was in love with Taylor, but Taylor was married to Ridge. Brooke was also in love with Ridge, but since he was taken, she began dating James. Brooke and James even got engaged, but when Taylor was presumed dead, Ridge swooped in and stole Brooke away from the good doctor.

"Bold & Beautiful" SetGrant Chambers:
It’s that old story: boy falls for girl, but girl loves another boy, so girl proposes to the backup boy when her true love plans to marry someone else. Since Brooke and Grant Chambers’ marriage was just a ploy to make Ridge jealous, he didn’t get much hanky panky. What the designer did get was brief control of Forrester Creations and a bullet to the shoulder. Ridge was blamed for the shooting, but it was Brooke’s troubled son Rick who did the deed. When Brooke discovered their marriage wasn’t legal, she balked at a do over because, stop us if you’ve heard this one, she loved Ridge.

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lang harmon 3508 1Thorne Forrester:
Even though Thorne Forrester once dated Brooke’s sister Donna and Brooke had previously been with members of his family, the two overlooked that weirdness and fell in love anyway. They had a couple of other obstacles on their road to wedded bliss, namely his disapproving mother Stephanie and his ex, Macy. The former in-laws eventually made it to the altar and said their “I dos,” but wouldn’t you know it, Thorne discovered Brooke was still in love with Ridge and ended their marriage.

Episode # 6881Deacon Sharpe:
Sleazy Deacon Sharpe manipulated an innocent Bridget into marriage. Brooke tried to keep him away from her daughter, which only landed her in his bed. They had a full-blown affair resulting in her second daughter Hope. They managed to keep things under wraps until Bridget overheard them talking over the baby monitor. Deacon left town in the aftermath, only to return years later to try again with Brooke, but no dice.

Bold and the Beautiful MiscWhip Jones:
Ever the opportunist, Forrester Creations employee Whip Jones helped Brooke keep her secret about Deacon by claiming to be her baby’s father. While he fell in love with her, Brooke longed for Deacon. Whip did manage to get Brooke to marry him, but he gave up his quest for her heart when the truth about Deacon came out.

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Nick Marone:
Brooke fell for seafarer Nick Marone, not knowing he was Ridge’s brother. WEDDINGSShe also fell for Nick before he got together with her daughter and both of her sisters. So, not too incestuous on her part, but there always seemed to be a pull between them, so not so squeaky clean either. Brooke and Nick did marry, but it ended after he shared a drunken night with Bridget. They moved on from each other, but years later, Brooke’s egg was mistakenly used as a donor to give Nick and Taylor a baby, so that complicated things. He eventually got back together with Bridget, became involved with Katie and briefly dated Donna. As for Brooke? Yep, she went back to Ridge.

Episode # 4635Dante Damiano:
Artist Dante Damiano fell in love with Bridget, but Bridget was in love with Nick, who still harbored feelings for Brooke. Not wanting to repeat history with her daughter, Brooke dated Dante to prove she was over Nick. That relationship was obviously short lived.

Bill Spencer:
Brooke and mogul Bill Spencer fell in love while her sister Katie, a.k.a. his wife, was suffering from postpartum depression. That led to Bill and Katie breaking up, Bill and Brooke getting together, Ridge returning after a long absence, Bill and Katie getting back together and then breaking up again, Katie and Ridge falling in love and then breaking up, and Bill continuing to pursue Brooke. WEDDINGSBill’s efforts paid off and the steamy couple got engaged, until the memories of the past got the better of Brooke and Ridge inevitably happened again.

As we mentioned above, Ridge screwed up his latest chance with his Logan. Is this the opening Bill needs to alter Brooke’s destiny, or will Brooke forgive Ridge and go back to him like she always does? Or, is there another man better suited for her?

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– Lori Wilson